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Delcam India to Launch Latest Machining Software at IMTEX

Delcam's subsidiary, Delcam India, will launch the latest versions of the PowerMILL and FeatureCAM CAM systems in India at the IMTEX exhibition to be held in Bangalore from 18th to 24th January. While PowerMILL is already well established in the Indian market, IMTEX will be the first major exhibition in the country where FeatureCAM has been demonstrated.

FeatureCAM is Delcam's industry-leading feature-based machining software. The latest version includes major enhancements to the software's automatic feature recognition functionality and to the range of 3D machining strategies. In addition, FeatureCAM 2007 makes the creation and editing of toolpaths quicker, easier and more flexible.

The new advanced machining strategies in FeatureMILL3D have enabled significant increases in calculation speeds for 3D toolpaths and have improved the performance that can be achieved on the machine tool. The latest version also incorporates new rest finishing options to ensure that the highest possible quality of surface finish is achieved.

Key enhancements in PowerMILL 7 include a wider range of five-axis strategies for both roughing and finishing, three-axis swarf machining and parametric surface finishing, together with faster calculation times, improved point distribution and easier data management.

The range of five-axis roughing strategies has been increased to match the wide list of options previously available for five-axis finishing. It now includes machining to or from a point, orientation through a line or curve, and programming using a reference surface. In addition, PowerMILL 7 can now generate a five-axis equivalent of any three-axis toolpath. This might be necessary when a three-axis approach is being used for most of a job but where some five-axis moves might be needed to avoid an obstacle or to machine as closely as possible to a steep face.

A new three-axis spiral roughing strategy has been added that allows the overall machining time to be reduced and that applies a more even load to the cutter so limiting wear and reducing breakages. New strategies for finish machining include parametric offset machining, three-axis swarf machining and interleaved constant Z.

Delcam first established an Indian branch office in 2000, following several years of disappointing results by operating through resellers. Following a series of early sales successes, the office was converted into a full subsidiary in 2003. Continued growth has brought the number of customers to over 400. In addition to the Pune headquarters, the company now operates regional offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Ludhiana. In total, these offices employ around 50 staff.

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