Delay-on-Dropout Timer suits automotive applications.

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Hockey-puck style Series ADOD operates auxiliary equipment such as radios, computers, and lamps for specified time after engine has been turned off, yet prevents discharge of battery should operator forget to manually shut down equipment. Unit features solid state digital circuitry, 40 A SPST NO relay contact, 11-16 Vdc vehicular voltage range, 45 min fixed timing cycle, and temperature range of -40 to +70°C.

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NEW! ADOD Series Automotive Timer...the Latest Addition to Amperite's Delay-on-Dropout Timer Line!

West New York, NJ: Amperite Co., a leading manufacturer of solid state and thermal time delay relays, flashers, timing and industrial controls, is pleased to announce the addition of the new, hockey-puck style, ADOD Series Automotive Timer, to their existing Delay-on-Dropout Timer line.

The Amperite ADOD Series Automotive Timer has been designed for vehicular use, where it is desired to operate auxiliary equipment such as radios, computers, lamps, etc. for a specified time after the engine has been turned off, yet prevents discharge of the battery, should the operator forget to manually shut down the equipment. The ADOD contains a set of high-current relay contacts that provide power to the auxiliary load as soon as the ignition circuit of the vehicle is turned on. When the engine is stopped the contacts remain closed and the user-defined timed cycled begins. At the end of the timing cycle the contacts open, shutting down the auxiliary load.

The ADOD Series Delay-on-Dropout Timer features Solid State Digital Circuitry, 40 ampere SPST (1 form A) Normally-Open relay contact, a standard 45 minute fixed timing cycle and a temperature range of -40° C to +70° C (-40° F to +158° F). Although the fixed 45 minute timing cycle and a vehicular voltage range from 11 to 16 volts DC are standard on the ADOD Series Automotive Timer, other voltages and timing cycles are available. Contact Amperite Co. with your specifications.

For additional information on the new ADOD Series Automotive Delay-on-Dropout Timer, and other relays and flashers, please go to, or contact:
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