DEK Announces New Addition to VectorGuard® Stencil Range

The result of a new partnership with Tecan, DEK has announced the launch of OptiGuard, a new stencil system that extends the acclaimed VectorGuard® stencil range to deliver enhanced manufacturing flexibility

Since its launch, DEK's patented VectorGuard technology has become globally accepted as the leading frameless stencil technology for surface mount and related applications. VectorGuard redefined the benchmark for stencil technologies with its exceptional operational flexibility, ease of use, minimal storage real-estate and inherent safety in operator handling with its protected foil edges. VectorGuard also delivers unique cost-of-ownership advantages through the elimination of frame returns for credit, recycling or foil re-tensioning.

The release of OptiGuard, a patented joint development between DEK and Tecan, represents a further extension to the VectorGuard family of products and shares the unique cost-of-ownership, flexibility and safety characteristics.

While maintaining compatibility with the standard VectorGuard frame, OptiGuard provides an alternative mounting process which is especially helpful when stepped or multi-level stencils are deployed. OptiGuard can be used with laser-cut, precision etched, laser-formed or electro-formed stencils.

"We see this development as another important step in our VectorGuard stencil development programme. It is an integral part of DEK's Expect More philosophy, allowing us to deliver the next-generation process solutions our customers demand," says John Knowles, DEK's Chairman. "Our collaboration with Tecan to develop this unique product clearly illustrates the customer benefits that can be derived when companies who often compete for business elect to work together by pooling resources and expertise. At DEK, our customers' needs always transcend our own and the evolution of OptiGuard shows this focus to be a win-win situation,"

OptiGuard can be purchased directly from DEK or Tecan, or any stencil manufacturer licensed to sell the OptiGuard technology.

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