Defying the Laws of Conventional Thermoforming: SafeEdge

Cross Plains, WI: - Custom thermoformer Plastic Ingenuity has taken innovation to a new level with production of its latest package, SafeEdge, a medical tray engineered with the healthcare provider in mind. After extensive research and unparalleled advancements in thermoforming the unconventional, Plastic Ingenuity truly lives up to its name with this innovative package.

The SafeEdge technology is based on the inward flange platform engineered by Plastic Ingenuity. This unique package utilizes a patented process to achieve a vertical flange that is trimmed inside the outer-most formed features of the tray, resulting in a tray that is very smooth and clean looking. This revolutionary flange is not only aesthetically superior to a traditional horizontal flange, but it also provides a functional benefit for the medical industry.

"We are very proud of this technology. The industry has put a lot of effort into battling the issue of trays puncturing pouches. These punctures can occur when a tray edge contacts a pouch, this technology eliminates this interaction. There are no exposed sharp edges. It is really amazing, our engineers deserve a lot of credit," states Jason Crosby, Medical Business Manager at Plastic Ingenuity.

While there is a cost associated with this proprietary flange technology, its unique look, branding opportunities, and superior functionality sets it apart from every other thermoformed package. "It took us a fair amount of time to perfect this process, but we believe the SafeEdge package has the potential to revolutionize the industry," said Crosby.

Plastic Ingenuity has been a national leader in the light gauge custom thermoforming industry since 1972, and continues to pace the industry with its unparalleled innovation and R&D. For more information contact Plastic Ingenuity at 608-798-3071 or visit

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