Defexpo 2014: Camero Awarded a Tender to Supply Its Xaver(TM)100 to South Asian Customer

The purchase of the Xaver™100 systems follows this client's previous purchase and successful integration of Camero's Xaver™400 systems

Kfar Netter, Israel – Camero - a world leader and pioneer in the development and marketing of radar-based Through-Wall systems - announces the winning of a tender for the supply of its Xaver™100 systems, following the client's previous purchase and successful integration of the Xaver™400. Camero will present these two ground-breaking imaging solutions at Defexpo 2014, taking place in New Delhi, India, February 6-9, in Hall 11, Stand #11.25 A.

The award of this tender is a testament to the critical need for - and growing popularity of -the Xaver line of products among Militaries, Law Enforcement, and Search & Rescue agencies around the world. Reliable, real-time presence-of-life detection is of vital importance in today's complex urban conditions, as well as in life-saving missions where time is of the essence. Camero's products are being examined by several armies as an integral part of the equipment required by modern soldiers in today's sophisticated urban battlefield, enabling a dramatic increase in survivability.

Benefits of the Xaver™100 and Xaver™400 Through-Wall Imaging Systems

Xaver™100 - Handheld, Tactical Through-Wall Detection System

The Xaver™100 is an ultra-portable, handheld presence-of-life detector providing military, law enforcement, and search & rescue personnel with instant critical situational awareness and target acquisition data. Delivering information in real time about the presence of life and its distance behind a wall, the system enables better tactical decision-making in various operational scenarios, including tactical entries, hostage recovery, search & rescue, breaching, and force protection. Ruggedized and ergonomically designed, it has a detection range of up to 20m, and built-in wireless capability for remote operation via a PDA – supporting remote monitoring and control of up to 6 Xaver 100 units simultaneously from a single PDA. The system can be operated in stand-off mode at a distance from the wall, and, as with other Xaver systems, the Xaver 100 is completely radiation safe.

Xaver™400 - Compact, Tactical Through-Wall Imaging System

The Xaver™400 tactical through-wall imaging system is a compact, lightweight, and durable personal device that delivers unprecedented real-time situational awareness - enabling the observation of multiple stationary and moving objects concealed behind walls or barriers. It is optimized for the speed of tactical entries, making it ideal for military tactical operations in urban areas. It delivers critical information regarding the number of people and their location behind walls. It also provides information regarding room dimensions and major infrastructure elements. The system enables simultaneous location and detection of both static and moving objects within a range of up to 20m, and can be operated in stand-off mode at a distance from the wall. Extremely popular, the Xaver 400 is the best-selling solution in its category in the world, and has been deployed in over 25 countries for both Military and Homeland Security applications (HLS) - such as anti-terror activities, hostage rescue, anti-narcotics operations, and many other urban operations and missions.

According to Amir Beeri, Camero's CEO, "We are very pleased to be participating in this important event. We look forward to expanding our activities in this market and deepening our cooperation with India. We are happy to announce a follow-on order by a South Asian client that reflects on the quality, reliability, and effectiveness of our Xaver™ line of through-wall systems, which are rapidly gaining satisfied customers around the world."


Founded in 2004, and headquartered in Israel, Camero (Camero-Tech Ltd.) is a pioneer and leader in the development and marketing of radar-based imaging systems. Camero’s resources draw on decades of experience providing solutions to major government and commercial customers. The company has a solid track-record of technological innovation and timely solution delivery to its worldwide customers, with whom it works closely. The Xaver™ line of Through-Wall Imaging systems has become the solution of choice for top military and law enforcement agencies around the world. The company is part of the SK Group, a leading global defense and security group that includes Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), Meprolight, Israel Shipyards, and others.

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