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Toledo, OH - Toledo Metal Spinning specializes in stainless steel metal forming. We have decades of experience deep drawing stainless steel.  Deep drawing manufacturing with conventional metal die technology is the stretching of sheet metal stock, commonly referred to as a blank, around a plug. The edges of the metal blank are restrained yet allowed to slide between two rings.  One ring is the blank holder and the other is the die.  The plug passes through the blank holder ring into the cavity of the die ring at the desired depth to achieve the end shape. The dimensions on the part are set based on the shape of the plug, the shape of the die, and how deep the part is drawn, meaning how far the plug travels into the die.  Like hydroforming, conventional metal die deep drawn applications are typically enclosures, cans, cups, canisters, containers, cover, motor shrouds, tanks, shells, etc.

Depending on the depth to diameter ratio and the material type, we can draw, reverse draw and or redraw your part multiple times to achieve up to 2 to 1 ratios.  304 and 316 are common readily available grades and ideal materials to design with since they are excellent form-ability and corrosion resistance.  Deep drawing is ideal versus spinning especially at the greater depths for parts with large annual volumes to minimize labor costs and to avoid the complications and corrosion issues common with welds and welding.  For fatigue strength and uniform metal thickness critical applications, deep drawing and hydroforming are preferred over metal spinning.

Deep drawing metal pieces called preforms for metal spinning have been proven to compliment the spinning process to ensure the highest quality spun part.  This is done when minimizing the material strain on the part by utilizing the best aspects of each process.  Deep drawing and spinning as a process can produce parts that deep drawing alone and spinning alone cannot do.  Once you have your part deep drawn, if it needs a hole, a stamped feature, welded fitting, or a a specific finish, you can also increase the value of your TMS drawn part and save time and money by taking advantage of our secondary stamping, spinning, machining, welding, and metal finishing operations because we can be your one stop shop.

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