Decanter Centrifuge suits mud drilling applications.

Press Release Summary:

Intended for oil and gas industry, OFM Decanter Centrifuge combines 20 x 76 in. bowl, 150 hp motor, 40 hp back motor, and 90,000 lb-in. gearbox with gear ratio of 47. Upper casing is divided into 3 sections, facilitating maintenance. In addition, main bearings have been modified to use auto grease lubricant rather than lube oil units.

Original Press Release:

New Decanter Centrifuge is Here!

With its anticipated arrival, we are excited to announce the arrival of the OFM 20 Decanter Centrifuge.

Liberty, Texas- We have received the new edition to the OFM Series Centrifuges designed for drilling mud. We know that everything in the Oil and Gas industry has to be tough enough to handle the work load and it has to be reliable to get the job done. And that’s exactly what we have brought to the market. A robust hard working machine is what the Oil and Gas industry requires!

The OFM 20 Decanter Centrifuge has a 20”x 76” bowl to get more process in and out to get the job done. Making this bowl bigger required us to upgrade many more parts to handle the load, so we have mounted a 90,000 in-lb. gear box with a gear ratio of 47 and upgraded to a 150 hp motor and 40 hp back motor. Power is not something the OFM 20 Centrifuge is lacking! We have divided the upper casing into 3 sections, which will make it easier to maintain the unit. We have also modified the main bearings to use auto grease lubricant rather than lube oil units. With 70+ years of experience in the industry, Tomoe Engineering is always striving to meet the needs of the Oil and Gas Industry’s customers and exceed their expectations.

Please feel free to contact Tomoe Engineering for further information on the OFM20 Decanter Centrifuge and other various models to fit your application. 

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