Deburring/Deflashing System rids parts of all contaminants.

Press Release Summary:

EURO-TEM P-300 vaporizes all burrs, flash, and metallic contaminants. Zinc parts are deflashed without part wear, abrasion, media, or metallurgical change. Programmable control system's operator interface provides prompting, maintenance, and systems diagnostics. System has complete surround sound enclosure, exhaust system, and optional operator safety curtain. Options include automated load/unload, larger chamber capacity, and integral cleaning systems.

Original Press Release:

Euro-Tem Deburring/Deflashing System

SurfTran Manufacturing Co., L.L.C.- Madison Heights, Michigan builders of Thermal Energy (TEM) deburring/deflashing systems presents its newest system, the EURO-TEM P-300. Specially designed and built to european specifications as required by one of the leading automotive manufacturers.

This versatile deburring/deflashing system provides the solution to eliminate- all burrs, flash & metallic contaminants in an instant, every burr, everywhere and every time is vaporized. Parts such as cast iron, steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum are completely deburred, and zinc parts deflashed all without parts wear, abrasion, media or metallurgical change.

The EURO-TEM P-300 control system consists of a programmable control with a user friendly operator interface that provides systems control, prompting, maintenance and systems diagnostics. The system has a complete surround sound enclosure, exhaust system and an optional operator safety curtain as shown.

How Does It Work?

A typical deburring/deflashing cycle starts when the parts are indexed into the machine under the thermal deburring chamber, the parts are sealed in the chamber by a force of 300 tons, a mixture of oxygen and natural gas is introduced into the chamber, a spark ignites the mixture, instantly vaporizing burrs, flash and metallic contaminants, internally and externally.

The EURO-TEM P-300 options are automated load/unload for high production, larger chamber capacity and integral cleaning systems. SurfTran also builds Cationic electrolytic deburring/machining systems, aqueous cleaning systems and general washing systems for industry.

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