Deadweight Anchor System offers rooftop fall protection.

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Weighing up to 550 lb, with no single item weighing more than 55 lb to ease installation, WEIGHTANKA portable deadweight anchor is intended for use on roofs with up to 5° pitch. It utilizes central pedestal to raise height at which arrest force is applied, which reduces distance anchor device moves during a fall-arrest event. Used with personal protection equipment such as harnesses, unit provides fall protection for 1 or 2 workers that remain at least 20 in. away from roof edge.

Original Press Release:

Kee Safety® Introduces New Kee® Anchor 'WEIGHTANKA' Mobile Anchor System for Rooftop Fall Protection

(MARCH 2009) - Kee Safety, Inc., Buffalo, New York introduces "WEIGHTANKA," part of its new line of Kee Anchor modular deadweight fall protection products to allow construction, maintenance, and facilities workers safe freedom of movement around roof areas. WEIGHTANKA is a non-penetrating, portable, deadweight anchor device designed for use on roofs with up to a 5-degree pitch where the installation of passive or collective protection, such as guardrails, or permanent anchor devices is not viable because of restricted means of safe access.

Kee Safety states that WEIGHTANKA utilizes a central pedestal (attachment point) to raise the height at which the arrest force is applied, thus reducing the distance the anchor device moves during a fall-arrest event. A basic system weighs 550 lbs., with no single item weighing more than 55 lbs. for ease of installation, and provides fall protection for one or two workers that remain at least 20 inches away from the roof edge, according to Kee Safety. It is designed for use with personal protection equipment such as harnesses.

The Kee Anchor WEIGHTANKA system conforms to Class E EN 795, BS7883 & ISO 14567 standards and is the first Class "E" anchor device approved for use on all roof surfaces, including single-ply membrane, asphalt, concrete, stone chippings (brushed) and mineral felt. WEIGHTANKA features base weights fully encased in rubber molding to prevent the pads from peeling at the edges. A 10-year warranty is offered on the base weights.

According to Kee Safety, WEIGHTANKA is quick and easy to assemble, utilizing a minimum of loose components, and does not penetrate the roof surface or require any structural attachments. Metal components are galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461 for corrosion resistance and long life. Kee Anchor is part of the Kee Safety line of rooftop fall protection products that also includes OSHA-compliant KeeGuard® roof edge railing systems.

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