DC Solid State Power Controller suits 28 Vdc applications.

Press Release Summary:

SSPC Module provides electronic equivalent to electromechanical circuit breaker with isolated control and status. Measuring 1.875 x 1.125 x 0.38 in., this 25 A microcontroller-based Solid State Relay offers integrated current sensing with no derating over full operating temperature. Features include current slew control, built-in R-C filters, repetitive fault handling, and true I2t protection from 32-250 A with nuisance trip suppression.

Original Press Release:

Sensitron Semiconductor has a New DC Solid State Power Controller Module, 25A 28V

Sensitron's SSPC Module is a 25 Amp microcontroller-based Solid State Relay is designed to be used in 28V DC applications. This module has integrated current sensing with no derating over the full operating temperature range. The module is the electronic equivalent to an electromechanical circuit breaker with isolated control and status.

Its epoxy shell construction and high power density allows the same pin out as industry standard units in only 57% of the board space (Ultra small size: 1.875"x1.125"x0.38")

Added features include current slew control to reduce EMI, and small R-C filters built-in to avoid latch up during a radiation event, only 62% of the voltage drop at 25A compared to industry standards and a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 1.3 x 106 hours.

Electrical Features:
o 28VDC Input: Current Rating of 25A with Very Low Drop; 60mV, typ.
o True I2t Protection from 32A to 250A with Nuisance Trip Suppression
o Instant Trip Protection (50 µsec typ) for Loads Above 250A
o Unlimited Interrupt Capability; Repetitive Fault Handling Capability
o Thermal Memory
o Internally Generated Isolated Supply to Drive the Switch
o Low Bias Supply Current: 20 mA typ @ 5V DC
o High Control Circuit Isolation: 750V DC Control to Power Circuit
o Soft Turn-On to Reduce EMC Issues
o EMI Tolerant
o Module Reset with a Low Level Signal; Trip Reset Circuit is Trip-Free
o TTL/CMOS Compatible, Optically Isolated, Input and Outputs
o Schmitt-Trigger Control Input for Noise Immunity

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