DC Power Connector features halogen-free design.

Press Release Summary:

Rated at 600 Vdc, 25 A, Saf-D-Grid® Ultra Short Receptacle is constructed with halogen-free, high-temperature housing and is size compatible with IEC 320 C13 and C14 AC standard panel cut out. Unit features Registered Product status for EMerge Alliance® standard for 380 Vdc power distribution systems used in data centers and telecom central offices. UL rated for safe disconnect of 400 Vdc, 20 A load, receptacle minimizes space requirements within device and allows solder termination to wires.

Original Press Release:

Halogen Free Saf-D-Grid® DC Power Connector is Now Available from Anderson Power Products®

The Saf-D-Grid® Ultra Short Receptacle is now being manufactured in a halogen free, high temperature housing material to meet equipment manufactures’ desire to offer eco-friendly devices. Saf-D-Grid® is a 25 amp 600 volt capable DC connector system which is size compatible with the IEC 320 C13 and C14 AC standard panel cut out. The Ultra Short Receptacle minimizes space requirements within the device and also allows solder termination to wires. Saf-D-Grid® is the only connector system so sized that is UL rated for safe disconnect of a 400 VDC, 20 amp load.

The APP® Saf-D-Grid® is also the only connector with “Registered Product” status for the EMerge Alliance® standard for 380 volt (+/- 190) DC power distribution systems for use in data centers and telecom central offices. This connector system provides a critical link in the broad scale adoption of 380 VDC power distribution systems by providing a safe power interconnect for power supplies, power distribution units, and peripheral devices. Compared to best in class AC systems, industry estimates the following benefits for a 380 VDC power distribution architecture:

• 2 to 10 times more reliable

• 7 to 15% more energy efficient

• 10 to 33% less space required

• Up to 30% reduction in maintenance

• 6 to 10% lower CAPEX equipment costs

• Simplified integration of on-site energy generation and storage

About Anderson Power Products®

Anderson Power Products® is a leader in developing high quality, low cost, power interconnect solutions for industries including: Back Up Power Systems, Electrical Vehicles, UPS Systems, Telecommunications High-Technology Devices and Alternative Energy Solutions. Headquartered in Sterling, MA, Anderson Power Products® facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified and uses automated manufacturing to offer uncompromising quality. In addition, APP® operates a distribution and assembly facility in Warrington, England to provide support for their European customers, as well as three Asia Pacific facilities: Shenzhen, China, Shatin Hong Kong and Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.).

APP® connectors are available through their authorized distributor network or direct from the factory. For further information about the company and its products, call 978-422-3600 or visit www.andersonpower.com.

About EMerge Alliance®

The EMerge Alliance® is an open industry association leading the rapid adoption of safe DC power distribution in commercial buildings through the development of EMerge Alliance® standards. These innovative standards integrate interior infrastructures, power, controls and devices in a common microgrid platform to facilitate the hybrid use of AC and DC power throughout buildings for unprecedented design and space flexibility, greater energy efficiency and improved sustainability. The nonprofit Alliance is supported by more than 100 member organizations and continues to accept new members at various levels. For more information, please visit www.EMergeAlliance.org

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