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DC Motor Drive suits constant velocity applications.

Press Release Summary:

AC-powered TA2230 is designed to run DC brushless motor at constant velocity using motor's Hall sensors for velocity feedback. Via RS232 interface, drive can be programmed at start-up to ramp up to preset rate and maintain constant velocity regardless of changes in load. Available speed setting options include external, via off-board 10K potentiometer; internal, via on-board potentiometer; and fixed speed set, via software. DC voltage is 0-330 Vdc at 45 A peak, 20 A rms continuous.

Original Press Release:

New, High Efficiency, AC Powered Brushless DC Motor Drive for Constant Velocity Applications!

San Luis Obispo, CA - Trust Automation has introduced the compact, low cost, programmable TA2230 constant velocity drive. The TA2230 drive is designed to run a brushless motor at a constant velocity using the motor's Hall sensors for the velocity feedback. Using an RS232 interface the drive can be programmed at start-up to ramp up at a preset rate and maintain a constant velocity regardless of changes in load. This low cost, highly efficient drive is ideal for new and existing industrial applications such as factory automation, machine tools, conveyors, injection molding machines, air compressors, pumps, and in existing applications where improved performance and lower operating costs are desired.

This compact brushless motor drive with the optional cooling fans measures just 9.3 in. X 3.5 in. X 5.7 in. Motor output from the drive with an AC supply of 100-220 VAC @ 50/60 Hz , 25 Amp peak current is the equivalent of a 15,000 Watt (45 Amp peak) PWM drive. The DC voltage is 0-330 VDC at 45 Amp peak, 20 Amp RMS continuous. Features of the TA2230 drive include three speed setting options: 1 - (Ext) external speed command via off-board 10K potentiometer, 2 - (Int) on-board potentiometer for convenient fixed speed adjustment, and 3 - (Soft) fixed speed set via software; as well as soft start control, integral AC line filtering, and self-contained, enclosed, and optically isolated user interface for safety. Some of the software configurable parameters include: Enable input level, Fault output level, Coast input level, Target velocity, Hall active level, and Current limit.

Trust Automation's motion control products include: Stand-alone motion and machine controllers, Linear servo amplifiers, SynqNet I/O, Brushed and Brushless Rotary Motors, Interconnect Products and Automation Engineering consulting covering Mechanical, Electrical, Software and System aspects of machine design. Since 1990 Trust Automation has provided Smart Solutions in Motion Control and Affordable Customization of motion related products.

For additional information contact Dave Rennie at Trust Automation,Inc.; 2143 Suburban Rd. Bldg. 100; San Luis Obispo, CA 93401; Tel: 805-544-0761, Fax: 805-544-4621, E-Mail: or visit the Web site at

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