DC-DC Converters suit low-profile and rack-mount applications.

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NDY2403 and NDY4803 converters provide single, regulated 3.3 V output and have input-to-output isolation rating of 1 kVdc. NDY2403 can handle input voltage from 18 to 36 V, while NDY4803 is suitable for input voltages from 36 to 72 V. Each will deliver full 3 W output at temperatures from -40 to +85°C without heatsink. Typical load and line regulation for each device is rated at 0.6% and 0.05% respectively, while max ripple and noise ratings are 180 mV (peak-to-peak).

Original Press Release:

Wide-input 3W DC-DC Converters Suit Low-Profile and Rack-Mount Applications

26th June, 2002, Tucson, Arizona - Two new miniature, isolated 3W DC-DC converters with a wide 2:1 input range and a board-mounting profile of just 7mm are ideal for rack-mounted telecommunications applications and other designs where space above the PCB may be limited.

Featuring an industry-standard footprint, the new NDY2403 and NDY4803 converters from C&D Technologies provide a single, regulated 3.3V output and have an input-to-output isolation rating of 1kVDC. The NDY2403 can handle input voltages from 18 to
36V, while the NDY4803 is suitable for input voltages from 36 to 72V. Each converter will deliver its full 3W output at temperatures from -40°C to 85°C without the need for a heatsink.

Both of the new DC-DC converters incorporate a flyback oscillator design with isolated feedback to ensure regulation over the full operating range of 25% to 100% of full load. Typical load and line regulation for each device is rated at 0.6%
and 0.05% respectively, while maximum ripple and noise ratings are just 180mV (peak-to-peak).

The new DC-DC converters incorporate continuous short-circuit protection and are based on an SMD construction that contributes to MTTF ratings in excess of 1,600,000 hours. Both devices are supplied in a fully encapsulated, UL 94V-0-compliant package with a footprint of 4.73cm² and a power density of 0.90W/cm³.

NDY DC-DC converters have unit pricing of under $9.00 for OEM quantities. As well as the standard NDY devices, C&D Technologies can design andmanufacture custom parts based on the NDY technology.

C&D Technologies, Inc. is a technology company that produces and markets systems for the power conversion and storage of electrical power, including industrial batteries and electronics.
This specialized focus has established the company as a leading and valued supplier of products in three major categories - reserve power systems, electronic power supplies and material
handling systems.

The Power Electronics Division of C&D Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes AC to DC power supplies and DC to DC converters and offers these products in custom, standard and modified-standard variations. These products, which are built to exacting requirements in IS09001-approved facilities, are typically used in telecommunications, computer and other high-tech products supplied by Original Equipment Manufacturers to a variety of customers worldwide.

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