DC/DC Converter provides 10 A output in small package.

Press Release Summary:

Single output UHE Series isolated dc/dc converter delivers as much IOUT (10 A) as company's half/quarter-bricks and standard 2 x 2 in. modules. High efficiency eliminates need for heat-sinking aluminum baseplates common to most bricks. It comes in plastic package measuring 1.6 x 2 x 0.4 in. Options include 22 models with VOUTs from 1.2 to 15 V, IOUTs from 2 to 10 A, and VINs from 10 to 75 V. Free samples are available to qualified OEMs.

Original Press Release:

10 Amp, High-Efficiency DC/DC Converters Deliver the Most Current from a "Non-Brick"

UHE Series Offers the Lowest VOUT (to 1.2V) and the Most IOUT (to 10 Amps) from Low-Cost, Conventional Plastic Packages

Small 1.6" x 2" x 0.4" Form Factor

Fully Synchronous Forward Topology

Efficiencies as High as 92% *

Choose from 22 Base Models:

VOUT'S from 1.2 to 15 Volts

IOUT'S from 2 to 10 Amps

VIN'S from 10 to 75 Volts

Stable No-Load Operation; No Output Reverse Conduction

On/Off Control, VOUT Trim and Sense Pins

Fully Isolated (1500Vdc) and I/O Protected

UL60950/EN60950 Certified; CE marked

Prices Start @ $37 (USA, 10k pieces)

Order On-Line @ www.datel.com

Finally . 10 Amps from Packages Other Than Expensive "Bricks"

DATEL's new UHE Series, 12-30 Watt (2-10 Amp), Single-Output, Isolated DC/DC Converters are launching an assault on territory formerly occupied exclusively by "bricks." Housed in traditional, low-cost, plastic packages (1.6" x 2" x 0.40"), UHE's are significantly/slightly smaller than half/quarter bricks, and the UHE's high efficiency obviates the need for the heat-sinking aluminum baseplates common to most bricks.

The 30W/1 OA UHE's package (3.2 sq. in.) is also smaller than the 2" x 2" package traditionally associated with currents in the 4-5A range and power in the 20-25W range. Nevertheless, UHE's carry the standard 2" x 2" pinout.

In summary . DATEL announces an innovative, single-output, DC/DC power converter that delivers almost as much IOUT (10 Amps) as many half/quarter-bricks, with the standard footprint of a 2" x 2" module . in a package smaller than both at a price significantly lower than both.

"Half bricks" (2.28" x 2.4") and, more recently, "quarter bricks" (2.28" x 1.45") have unquestionably become the multi-sourced industry standards (for both package dimensions and pinouts) for high-power/high-current DC/DC converters.

How Is That Possible?
By combining a high-frequency (330kHz) fully-synchronous forward topology, a new generation of low-on-resistance power MOSFET's, and time-tested, fully automated, SMT-on-pcb construction, UHE DC/DC's achieve outstanding electrical and cost efficiencies. Models are up to 84% efficient while delivering a full 10 Amps (1 .2-2.5VOUT models) and up to 92% efficient while delivering a full 25-30 Watts (3.3-15VOUT models). High efficiency (less heat dissipation) makes possible the smaller 1.6" x 2" package whose aspect ratio permits the standard 2" x 2" pinout. It also enables many UHE models to deliver full power from -40 to +600C (ambient) without heat sinks or supplemental air flow. That's impressive!

Synchronous rectification enables stable no-load operation, and the UHE's have eliminated one of the topology's few shortcomings . output reverse conduction. UHE DC/DC's will not conduct current (nor self-destruct) if a voltage is inadvertently applied to the output of an "off" device.

The Basics:
Output voltages are 1.2, 1.5, 1 .8, 2.5, 3.3, 5, 12 or 15 Volts. Input voltage ranges are 10-18V ("D12" models), 10-36V ("Q12" models), 18-36V ("D24" models), 18-75V ("Q48" models), or 36-75V ("D48" models). All models are fully isolated (1 500Vdc), line/load regulated (±0.2% max. and ±0.5% max., respectively), and fully l/O protected. All feature input pi filters, input undervoltage and overvoltage lockout, input reverse-polarity protection, output overvoltage protection (a rarity on such low-output-voltage devices), output current limiting, continuous short-circuit protection, and thermal shutdown.

Optional Functionality . Safety Certifications Each model in the UHE, 12-30W Series has a VOUT Trim pin and an On/Off Control function (with optional positive or negative polarity). Additionally, the high-current/low-voltage models (1.2-5VOUT @ 5-1 OA) can be ordered with output ±Sense pins. In all, there are 80 models in the Series.

UHE's are packaged in low-cost, light-weight, diallyl phthalate (UL94V-0 rated) plastic packages with standoffs. EMC compliance is achieved via a low-noise design rather than with expensive metal shielding. All models are certified to IEC950, UL60950 and EN60950 safety requirements for BASIC insulation. "D48" and "Q48" models (VIN max. = 75V) are CE marked. Price and Delivery! UHE, 12-30W DC/DC converters are attractively priced at $59 each (USA) in singles and $39 each for 1,000 pieces. Where else can you get 10 Amps for that price? Additional generous high-quantity discounts are available for OEM customers. Free evaluation units for qualified OEM's and/or pre-production quantities (<25 pieces) are immediately available from stock. Production quantities require 6-8 weeks.

DATEL, Inc. pioneered e-commerce capabilities for DC/DC converters at our web site at Small quantities of UHE Series DC/DC converters (or free sample/evaluation units) can be ordered directly from the site using credit cards.

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