DC Brush Motor Driver is rated at operating level of 4 A.

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Available in ZIP type 18-pin fully-molded package, STA6940M, 8 A H-bridge DC brush motor driver IC has dual interface to control H-bridge output and allow communication between integrated circuit and controller circuit. Designed for office automation and industrial markets, unit provides internal fixed off time and PWM control of output current. CMOS logic section provides 4 modes of operation: forward and reverse normal drive rotation, outputs-off free spin, and electronic braking.

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Allegro MicroSystems Announces New 8 A H-Bridge Motor Driver

Worcester, MA - August 13, 2009 - Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. announces a new 8 A H-bridge DC brush motor driver integrated circuit. The dual interface that controls the H-bridge output simplifies the communication between the integrated circuit and the controller circuit. Combining low-power CMOS-compatible logic with high-current, high-voltage power MOSFET outputs, Allegro's STA6940M provides complete control and drive for brush DC motor applications. It provides internal fixed off time, pulse-width modulation (PWM) control of the output current and is rated at a normal operating level of 4 A. This new device is targeted at the office automation and industrial markets.

The CMOS logic section provides four modes of operation: forward and reverse normal drive rotation, outputs-off free spin (coast), and electronic braking. The innovative multi-chip internal structure separates the main logic IC (MIC) from the four N-channel power MOSFETs resulting in lower thermal resistance and greater efficiency. PWM control allows constant-current control of the output while reducing heat generation and power losses by providing fixed off-time dual decay modes. The internal charge pump ensures full power availability for switching.

It is available in a small, ZIP type 18-pin fully-molded package which allows for additional simple heat-sinking consuming limited PCB board space. It is priced at $3.60 in quantities of 1,000 and has an 8-week typical lead-time to market.

About Allegro

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. is leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing high-performance power and Hall-effect sensor ICs. Allegro's innovative solutions serve high-growth applications within the automotive, communications, computer/office automation, consumer and industrial markets. Allegro is headquartered in Worchester, Massachusetts (USA) with design and applications center located in North and South America, Asia, and Europe. Further information about Allegro can be found at www.allegromicro.com.

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