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Based on R/Evolution Architecture, Model 5730 scales to support up to 108 drives for 81 Tb capacity. It provides more than 1.6 Gb/sec read and 1.3 Gb/sec write throughput and 150,000 IOPS. With 4 Gb Fibre Channel host ports per controller and 1 Gb of mirrored cache, Model 5730 offers up to eight 4 Gb Fibre Channel connections per subsystem. It supports SAN, Switchless-SAN(TM), or DAS host connect configurations, as well as multiple redundant paths for clustered server environments.

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Dot Hill Moves into the Midrange with Expanded Product Line

Based on Dot Hill's Proven R/Evolution Architecture, the 5730 Offers Enhanced Performance and Scales to Support up to 108 Drives for 81 TB Capacity

DALLAS, Oct. 15 / / - STORAGE NETWORKING WORLD FALL 2007 - Dot Hill Systems Corp. (NASDAQ:HILL), a market leader in providing flexible storage offerings and responsive service and support to OEMs and system integrators (SIs), today introduced the Dot Hill 5730, the first in a series of products based on Dot Hill's R/Evolution architecture that are targeted for the midrange market.

Based on Dot Hill's R/Evolution(TM) architecture, the 5730 is an extension of its 2000 Series product family. The 5730 scales to support up to 108 mixed SAS/SATA disk drives, and up to 81 TBs with 750 GB SATA disk drives, yet offers a small footprint (2U) for increased floor-tile density. The 5730 offers enhanced processing power, providing more than 1.6 GB/second read and 1.3 GB/second write throughput and 150,000 IOPS, driving application performance to new levels in a variety of environments.

The 5730 is the fourth in a series of products launched by Dot Hill since October 2006. (See Dot Hill Launches 2330 iSCSI RAID Array, Oct. 15, 2007). To date, the company has fielded more than 7,000 units based on the R/Evolution architecture within the past 12 months.

The 4Gb FC solution is the initial member of a family of planned product releases from Dot Hill aimed at the midrange market, the 5730 will be followed by additional solutions featuring a SAS host interface, as well as a hybrid offering that combines both Fibre Channel and 1Gb iSCSI host interfaces within the same unit.

The 5730 is a key member of the Dot Hill Unified Architecture methodology promoting a consistent user experience in both the entry level and midrange markets. This results in a common set of component Field Replaceable Units (disk drives, power supplies), a common Data Management Services infrastructure, a common graphical user interface/operation, and a common data structure. This revolutionary approach drives incremental efficiencies throughout the partner and customer base.

According to industry analyst firm IDC, midrange storage systems selling between $15,000 and $150,000 (IDC Bands 4 & 5) accounted for about 46 percent of revenue for all external RAID disk storage systems in 2006. This is expected to grow to around 52 percent by 2011.

They also predict revenues for disk storage systems within these price bands will grow to about 9.2 percent through 2011, compared to the growth of 6.7 percent for overall external RAID disk storage systems. And in 2008, IDC predicts sales of external disk storage systems within these price bands to account for annual revenues of more than $9.7 billion.(1)

"Dot Hill's R/Evolution product line has experienced broad market adoption, and has been selected as the foundation for best-in-class storage solutions by 22 OEM partners to date," said Dana Kammersgard, president and CEO of Dot Hill Systems. "This past year, Dot Hill established a strong foothold in the entry level storage market, and we intend to do the same now in the midrange market. Our initial entry into this space, the 5730, offers what the OEM community has come to rely on from Dot Hill -- a combination of value, performance and maximum flexibility."

"It is very clear that Dot Hill is moving at a rapid pace with new products and feature introductions," said Tony Asaro, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "They are now going after midrange storage, one of the fastest growing segments and they have a great story to tell. The 5730 balances valuable architectural design elements and software capabilities that make it a competitive product. And since it is built on the same unified platform as other R/Evolution products, it is new and proven at the same time."

The 5730 features four 4Gb Fibre Channel host ports per controller, with 1GB of mirrored cache per controller; offering up to a total of eight 4Gb Fibre Channel connections per 5730 subsystem, and supports SAN, Switchless-SAN(TM) or DAS host connect configurations. Additionally, the product supports multiple redundant paths for clustered server environments.

Continuing Dot Hill's rich heritage of servicing the military and telecommunications sectors, the 5730 is ruggedized, and is both NEBS- and MIL-STD-810F-certified, making it ideal for telco and military/government as well as high-performance computing applications.

The 5730 offers maximum configuration flexibility, enabling customers to freely mix SAS/SATA drives within the same system, and add JBODs to support up to 108 disk drives in a fully configured system. Customers can also choose either single, dual independent or dual fault-tolerant controllers.

Customers seeking investment protection can benefit via the ability to upgrade from existing Dot Hill 2000 Series products to the 5000 Series via a data-in-place controller upgrade. This unique capability promotes sound financial planning with the re-use of disk drive purchases by exchanging entry-level controllers with the advanced midrange feature set.

Like all Dot Hill solutions based on the R/Evolution architecture, the 5730 is RoHS- and WEEE-compliant. Dot Hill will also offer the option to leverage more energy-efficient DC power supplies.

Additionally, the 5730 features Dot Hill's EcoStor(TM) "green" battery-free alternative for cache memory, which leverages a combination of super capacitors and Flash memory that outlasts traditional batteries nearly fivefold. Business benefits include lower maintenance and disposal costs and reduced server and application down time due to scheduled battery replacement/maintenance.

The 5730 also offers advanced data protection services, including RAID 6 support for protection against double disk failures during longer rebuild times of high capacity disk drives. The 5730 also offers AssuredCopy(TM), Dot Hill's volume copy technology, enabling the creation of independent data volume copies for additional data protection. Customers can license Dot Hill's AssuredSnap(TM) snapshot capability for improved data availability and business continuity, for up to 256 snapshots per subsystem. The 5730 will also serve as the platform for remote snapshot replication in the near future.

Dot Hill expects general availability of the 5730 during the fourth quarter of 2007. Pricing is expected to be in the range of $32,000 to $42,000 Suggested List Price.

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Delivering innovative technology and global support, Dot Hill empowers the OEM community to bring unique storage solutions to market, quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Offering high performance and industry-leading uptime, Dot Hill's RAID technology is the foundation for best-in-class storage solutions offering enterprise-class security, availability and data protection. The company's products are in use today by the world's leading service and equipment providers, common carriers, advanced technology and telecommunications companies as well as government agencies. Dot Hill solutions are certified to meet rigorous industry standards and military specifications, as well as RoHS and WEEE international environmental standards. Headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif., Dot Hill has offices and/or representatives in China, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States. For more information, visit us at

(1) IDC ''Worldwide Disk Storage Systems 2007-2011 Forecast: Mature, But

Still Growing and Changing,'' May 2007.

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