Data Loggers Show Great Capabilities in University Lab Environments

CHESTERLAND, OH - Thanks to the Brainchild's VR18 Paperless Chart Recorder, students and teachers are now able to visualize their chemistry experiment data. The universal input VR18 can take in a variety of sensors commonly used in lab environments including DC voltage output from specialty sensors and thermocouples to log temperatures.

Thermochemistry, the study of heat and energy associated with chemical reactions or physical transformations, is a perfect lab experiment application for the VR18 data logger. With the capacity to handle multiple inputs, it can provide useful information for experiments involving the heating of various liquids at a variety of volumes.

The LCD display allows students to view the collected data in the display format as well as the combination of formats including vertical trend, horizontal trend, bar graph, and numerical. A single complex experiment or several individual experiments with multiple sensors can very easily be monitored given the capability of monitoring 6 real-time inputs during one session. After the experiment has been completed, the student can view statistics from the recorded data. The VR18 interprets the data and allows viewing the instant, average, min and max values.

The VR18 Paperless Chart Recorder can be connected to a PC with an Ethernet cable allowing students to use the VR18 software. Teachers can set up the display to a projector, allowing an entire class to view the data representations. Students can print the data collected from any of the display formats. The software included with the VR18 also allows for streaming live data or downloading the data to an Excel spreadsheet, allowing students to further manipulate the information for reports and assignments.

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