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Data Logger records temperature and humidity.

Press Release Summary:

Equipped with time-temperature graph display, Model TDVD-02 ThermaViewer digital temperature and humidity logger accepts inputs from up to 2 sensors mounted up to 100 ft away. Each sensor contains .1°C thermistor and RH sensor which records temperatures from -40 to +85°C and humidity from 0-100%, ±2%. On-board memory provides digital record storage for up to 160,000 date and time-stamped measurements, while RS233 port is provided for backing up data to PC.

Original Press Release:

Two Dimensional Instruments Announces New Temperature/Humidity Logger with Accurate Monitoring and Convenient Digital Record Storage

ThermaViewer logs Temperature/RH with time-temperature graph display.

The ThermaViewer accepts temperature and humidity input from multi remote sensors mounted up to 100 feet away. Sensors have total ranges of -40°C to 85°C and 0 - 100% RH. Users can configure the time-temperature display. The on-board memory stores up to 40,000 date and time-stamped measurements for each measurement and can be backed up to a computer through the RS232 port.

The ThermaViewer solves paper, ink, records storage and accuracy problems associated with strip chart recorders - with years' worth of memory and time-temperature graph display.

Crestwood, KY - Two Dimensional Instruments, LLC (2DI) Announces a new digital temperature and humidity logger for ultra-accurate recording of environmental conditions in critical locations such as calibration and research labs, pharmaceutical and chemical storage areas, and many other environments.

The Model TDVD-02 ThermaViewer accepts inputs from up to two sensors, which may be mounted up to 100 feet away. Each sensor contains a .1°C thermistor and an RH sensor with records temperature over a range of -40°C to 85°C and humidity between 0% and 100% ± 2%.

On-board memory stores up to 160,000 date and time-stamped measurements. An RS233 port is provided backing up the data to a PC. TView software is optionally available for providing Windows-based graphical display of real-time or previously recorded data. An onboard relay for out-of-tolerance conditions may be set in the ThermaViewer.

Prices for the 5020A range from $ 435 to $1,750 depending on the sensor type selected Tview is $ 49 for a multi-PC license. Deliveries are two weeks.

For more information on the ThermaViewer, visit or contact 2DI, P O Box 159, Crestwood, KY 40014, 877 241-0042 or e-mail

About 2DI

2DI manufacturers DataViewers for use in laboratories, kitchens, hospitals, storage facilities, food storage and manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

variety of industries throughout the world.

Company Information:
Name: Two Dimensional Instruments, LLC
Address: 6901 Briarhill Road
City: Crestwood
State: KY
ZIP: 40014
Phone: 877-421-0042
FAX: 502-243-0039

Year est. 1999

Company description:
ThermaViewers for temperature and/or humidity using digital, thermistor, thermocouple probes.

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