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NOVA5000 features MultiLab(TM) v3.0 data analysis software, which offers GUI with finger-touch navigation and ability to simultaneously view 2 sets of data that can include graph, table, and 4 meter views. Software allows all sensors to be set up in one dialog box, and dual Y axes support enables graph of 2 sensors. Other software features include dynamic slope/tangent line, slope function, and area function. Parameters for balance, distance, and rotary motion sensors are also provided.

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Fourier Systems Releases Upgraded and Improved MultiLab(TM) 3.0 Data Analysis Software for NOVA5000 at BETT

ROSH HAAYIN, Israel -- Fourier Systems (, a global pioneer in the science education technology industry, announced today, that it has released an improved and upgraded version of the company's proprietary data analysis software, MultiLab(TM) for NOVA5000. The 3.0 version of MultiLab features a more user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI), improved functionality, additional new functions and new sensor parameters.

Among the GUI improvements to the MultiLab CE software are finger-touch navigation, eliminating the need for a stylus. In addition, users will now be able to view two data simultaneously, including graph, table and 4 meter views. In terms of functionality, MultiLab 3.0 now enables all sensors to be setup in one dialog box and the software features two Y axes, so that when data is collected from two sensors, the graph has two Y axes, with each sensor having its own Y axis along with its own scale.

New functions in this version of MultiLab include: a dynamic slope/tangent line, slope function and area function, all of which further enhance experiment analysis and understanding process for the student.

Improved sensor parameters have also been included in this release, such as:

- Balance sensor - using the Ohause balance 200gr plus or minus 0.01gr can be used as a sensor allowing for experimentation with conservation of mass, rate of a chemical reaction, magnetic force, mass vs. density, and evaporation.

- Distance sensor -record in addition to position, the velocity and the acceleration versus time of a moving body.

- Rotary motion sensor - students can explore angular velocity and the angular acceleration of a pendulum using the rotary motion sensor as well as Newton's Second Law by measuring the distance, velocity and acceleration of a moving body.

"We are pleased to launch MultiLab 3.0 for NOVA5000 with its impressive array of improved functionality, designed to make science learning even easier," said Ken Zwiebel, CEO of Fourier Systems. "During the course of the coming year, we plan to introduce several other new versions of MultiLab which will make this essential tool available across a wider spectrum of user platforms."

Fourier will be demonstrating the new MultiLab 3.0 data analysis software at BETT 2011 at Grandgall Hall - Booth N49, January 12-15, 2011, at Olympia in London.

About Fourier Systems:

A privately held company established in 1989, Fourier Systems has grown to become a worldwide leader in the field of science education technology. Our products include compact portable data logging devices, a full suite of analysis software, more than 65 sensors and the flagship Nova5000(TM) solution for student science laboratories. Fourier's products automate and simplify the way data is gathered, analyzed and shared, thus reducing time-consuming data logging tasks to a minimum. Together with a wealth of curriculum materials, Fourier provides a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for teaching science that can make computerized science laboratories a reality in schools worldwide.

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