Data Logger captures remote temperature and RH data.

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Combined with viewLinc(TM) central monitoring software, 2000 High-Stability RH data logger is suited for verifying environmental conditions in labs, clean rooms, and stability chambers. Scalable solution lets users monitor remote temperature and humidity conditions from PC desktop in real-time, with visual, e-mail, or audible alarm notification for out-of-compliance conditions. System communicates over existing networks and features user-configurable, 2-stage alarms.

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Veriteq viewLinc(TM) Delivers Networked Critical Temperature, Humidity Monitoring & Alarming

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--Nov. 29, 2005--Today Veriteq Instruments released an extension to their established family of temperature and relative humidity data loggers.

The 2000 High-Stability Relative Humidity (RH) data logger is especially suited for verifying environmental conditions in labs, clean rooms, and stability chambers. Combined with Veriteq's viewLinc(TM) central monitoring software, it provides scalable, cost-effective monitoring solutions.

"It's challenging to obtain stable relative humidity readings over long periods of time, and at high temperatures," explained Veriteq CEO Kevin Bull. "We developed this data logger so customers could enjoy more stable monitoring over their entire operating range."

A sample application for this product would be pharmaceutical stability chambers, where drugs are exposed to high temperatures and humidity to prove their efficacy. In beta test now, the VL-2000 High-Stability RH data logger will ship commercially in February 2006 at a unit price of US $625.00.

Since 1994, Canadian-based Veriteq Instruments has been an innovator in mission-critical temperature & humidity monitoring solutions. Veriteq has become the industry leader in standalone, stable measurement of temperature and relative humidity (RH), and offers the deepest RH data logging capabilities for precise, accurate applications. Over 1,000 customers in the pharmaceutical industry, military, hospitals, logistics companies, electronics manufacturers and other industries repeatedly depend on Veriteq solutions.

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Temperature Alarm Overview

Veriteq viewLinc software is designed for continuous monitoring and alarming of Veriteq data loggers, for display on a local PC, or over a network (see diagram).

Ideal for applications where immediate notification of out-of-compliance conditions is essential, viewLinc offers a time-saving way to set up a complete humidity or temperature monitoring and reporting system. Our viewLinc temperature alarm makes a perfect quality control compliment to the data recording capabilities of the Veriteq data loggers.

If you're currently using chart recorders, you'll appreciate the advanced digital advantages of Veriteq data loggers and viewLinc software. Now you'll be able to monitor critical areas or systems continuously, automatically backup and archive data, and receive immediate alarm messages delivered right to your desktop - or sent to you remotely by e-mail.

Stability chamber monitoring
Refrigerator & freezer storage monitoring (drugs, vaccines, biological specimens, blood products, etc.)
Hospitals, Research Labs
Calibration Lab ambient environment monitoring
Computer Rooms, Server Farms

Electronic component manufacturing areas

Product Features
Monitor remote temperature and humidity conditions right from your own PC desktop
Immediate visual, e-mail, or audible alarm notification of out-of-compliance conditions
View real-time data from multiple data loggers and locations
Automatic downloading of logger data on a schedule you set up (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
No need for lengthy wiring - system communicates over existing networks
Easy to set up - program automatically detects data loggers "hosted" on the network - no searching or complicated procedures required
Two stage alarms with user-configurable maximum and minimum alarm thresholds
Trigger alarms based on readings from a single data logger channel, or using averaged readings from multiple data logger channels
Automatic logging of user events including alarm triggers, alarm clearing, View creation and removal information, and network communication problems

Product details
Veriteq data loggers are connected to a network through either a PC or an ethernet-to-serial device server. Once connected, the viewLinc "Host" software, residing on a PC on the network, reads the data loggers continuously and shares this data across a network with other computers (refer to viewLinc system diagram). Remote viewing of this data on another computer is enabled by a simple software installation.

All data loggers on the network are available for viewing, and the user can choose which ones to view and also organize them into separate windows called "Views". The user can choose multiple "Views" of the data and have them displayed in separate windows on the desktop. For example, the user may group the temperature and humidity readings from a single room together, and have that view shown in its own window.

More questions about viewLinc? Check our FAQ.

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Veriteq viewLinc software for data logger monitoring on local PC or across a network. Contains remote viewing software and host PC software. A site license for 20 host PC's is also included.

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