Data Communication Cables meet PoE standards.

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Available in Category 6 and 6A 10 Gig versions, EfficienC™ Max line of GenSPEED® Cables deliver both signal and power. Units feature large-gauge copper conductors for minimized heat generation. Constructed with 100% fluoropolymer insulation, cables are rated to 90°C, surpassing industry standard of 60°C. In addition to VoIP telephony and IP surveillance cameras, cables are suited for high-power PoE-enabled devices such as nurse call systems, POS devices, and IP turrets in banking.

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General Cable Showcases EfficienC(TM) Max Line of Product with PoE Display at BICSI Fall 2015

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA,– General Cable (NYSE: BGC) will showcase its EfficienC™ Max line of GenSPEED® Brand Data Communications cables with a new PoE-integrated display at the 2015 BICSI Fall Conference in Las Vegas September 21 – 23. Designed specifically to meet the ever-increasing Power over Ethernet (PoE) standards as well as non-standard high-powered applications, the EfficienC Max line provides industry-leading performance with Category 6 and Category 6A 10 Gig versions.

PoE technology has been quietly gaining traction ever since its launch in 2003, especially in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony and IP Surveillance cameras. However, driving the demand for standards far beyond the current IEEE 802.3at of 25.5 watts, high-power PoE-enabled devices are surfacing for applications in many different markets such as nurse call systems in Healthcare, point-of-sale devices in Retail, IP turrets in Banking and HDBaseT in Residential and Commercial AV.

The EfficienC Max line of products, which delivers both signal and power, features large-gauge copper conductors for reduced heat generation, higher maximum current carrying capabilities and improved attenuation performance. For added protection against increased operating temperatures, the cables are constructed of 100% fluoropolymer insulation and rated to 90°C, surpassing the industry standard of 60°C.

Reduced heat generation is important to ensure proper transmission performance and prevent cable degradation. In the TSB-184 service bulletin, TIA recommends a maximum of 15°C heat rise in bundled cabling. Legacy cabling solutions do not typically have the ability to carry loads of 1000 mA per pair or greater without exceeding that recommendation. The EfficienC Max line of products is designed for use in higher current loads while mitigating temperature rise and meeting this TIA guideline.

In BICSI Booth #545/644, General Cable will display the impact of heat rise on a 91-cable bundle for typical Category 5e and Category 6 compared to the EfficienC Max line of cables, which includes the EfficienC Max Category 6 and the GenSPEED® 10 MTP™ Thin-Profile Category 6A featuring EfficienC Max technology. In addition, the category 6A version will power a number of typical Ethernet-powered devices integrated on the display.

“The PoE landscape has rapidly changed since its launch in 2003,” said Scott Brown, Director of Technical Services, Communications Products, General Cable. “With the IEEE 802.3bt standard currently under development with an expected power delivery of 49 watts as well as the introduction of non-standard applications demanding 60 to 100 watts, this new line of EfficienC Max products provides the ability to future-proof installations.”

General Cable manufactures a wide range of high performance GenSPEED® Brand copper data communications cables and NextGen® Brand fiber optic cables. When visiting General Cable’s BICSI Booth #545/644, also ask about our PanGen® Structured Cabling Solutions, which, in partnership with Panduit, provide market-focused open-architecture network infrastructure solutions, as well as our in-house armoring capabilities for datacom, fiber optic and electronic cables. Visit us on the Web at General Cable … Delivering solutions that keep you connected.

General Cable (NYSE:BGC), a Fortune 500 Company, is a global leader in the development, design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of aluminum, copper and fiber optic wire and cable products for the energy, construction, industrial, specialty and communications markets.  General Cable is one of the largest wire and cable manufacturing companies in the world.  The company serves customers through a network of manufacturing facilities in our core markets and has worldwide sales representation and distribution. Visit our Web site at


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