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Inspect(TM) v3.0 collects, analyzes, and reports defect-related data in applications where part and assembly defect information is critical to production of quality parts. It displays digital images of part or assembly and uses touchscreen tools to identify and evaluate defects. Data, stored in SQL database, is available for immediate access from any web browser via reporting software. Software includes interface to e-mail, paging, and other electronic notification tools.

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Reduce Scrap, Rework and Warranty Costs With New ASI DataMyte Inspect Software 3.0

Royal Oak, MI March 15, 2004- ASI DataMyte announces new Inspect(TM) 3.0 visual attribute data collection software, designed to reduce the costs associated with scrap, rework, warranty claims, and production bottlenecks. Inspect evolves from the PlantMan(TM) Inspect software package created by Information Technologies, Inc., and acquired by ASI DataMyte in December 2002.

The 3.0 release is the first full ASI DataMyte release of the product with enhanced functionality for defect tracking. Inspect works with any manufacturing operation and is gaining momentum in non-automotive operations such as electronics, medical device manufacturing and food packaging and processing plants.

Inspect is an extremely valuable tool for collecting, analyzing and reporting defect-related data in applications where part and assembly defect information is critical to the production of quality parts. Visual defect identification and control is as easy as touching the screen. Defects can be found, flagged, and a record sent to rework in a matter of seconds. Automated routing for rework is an option that can be purchased with the system.

One of Inspect's principal strengths is its easy-to-use operator interface. Inspect software displays digital images of the part or assembly to be inspected and uses simple touch screen tools to identify and evaluate defects.

Inspect software can be run on a DataMyte Industrial Data Assistant tablet as a terminal services application. This provides the ideal mobile solution for remote plant floor inspections or yard audits. With the IDA's radio frequency card, the user can send and receive information from anywhere on a wireless network.

Data is stored in an SQL database, available for immediate access from any web browser via reporting software. The software also includes a large range of defect reporting tools and an interface to e-mail, paging and other electronic notification tools.

The Thyssenkrupp Budd Company is currently checking body stampings for SUVs on three different lines using Inspect on DataMyte Model 4000s communicating by Radio Frequency. The operation has been using this solution since March 2003 eliminating an outside vendor checking the parts at a cost of $300,000 per year. The initial investment was $96,000, Thyssenkrupp Budd has realized a complete return on investment in under 4 months. ASI DataMyte implemented the complete installation including, servers, hardware, network software and configuration, as well as 12 days of onsite training and support. As Thyssenkrupp Budd has realized a 97% drop in problems per million (ppm), they have begun plans to expand the program in the existing facility while introducing it to other facilities within the organization. Inspect success at the ThyssenKrupp Budd Co. was featured in the September 2003 issue of Quality Magazine. The article is available here:

Inspect software is easily configurable for any application where collection and analysis of production defects is required. Typical applications are in automotive and heavy truck assembly and in part stamping and painting applications.

ASI DataMyte, Inc. is the world leader in providing quality-related data collection, analysis and reporting solutions, as well as quality planning and control tools, to virtually every segment of the manufacturing industry. Our customers include virtually all of the leading U.S. and European automotive, aerospace manufacturers but also food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. ASI DataMyte products and services are sold and supported by a worldwide network of direct representatives and distributors. ASI DataMyte headquarters are located in Plymouth, MN, USA with offices in Detroit, Michigan, USA, Hasselt, Belgium, and Sao Palo, Brazil.

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