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Data Collection and Analysis Software displays dock statistics.

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Oct 12, 2012 - Integrating with Salvo™ Loading Dock Safety System, Salvo™ DockMonitor displays live graphic information on PC for assessment of overall site performance and individual dock statistics. System tracks efficiency and frequency of use of each dock, monitors load/unload times, compares shift performances, logs carrier information to specific dock, and schedules dock maintenance based on usage. Report function generates reports on these criteria which can be exported for further review and analysis.

Castell Interlocks Inc. - Chicago, IL

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Maximize Loading Dock Efficiency with Salvo(TM) DockMonitor

Press release date: Oct 09, 2012

Dock management system displays real-time site performance and individual dock statistics

Chicago, Illinois – Industrial safety specialist Castell Interlocks Inc. has developed a data-gathering and analysis product to maximize loading dock efficiency. Salvo™ DockMonitor integrates with the company’s Salvo™ Loading Dock Safety System to display live graphic information running on a PC interface for assessment of overall site performance and individual dock statistics.

Effective safety systems help prevent accidents, keeping workers safe and complying with OSHA standards. Combining the Salvo DockMonitor with Salvo Loading Dock Safety System can meet safely goals while also maximizing efficiency, optimizing use of resources, and assisting in cost reduction analysis.

Salvo Dock Monitor enables loading operations to run more efficiently by providing crucial information in real time. Dock personnel and activity benchmarking includes:
• Tracking efficiency and frequency of use of each dock
• Monitoring load and unload times
• Comparing shift performances
• Logging carrier information to a specific dock
• Scheduling dock maintenance based on dock usage
• Measuring maintenance down time

The system’s report function generates reports on these criteria which can then be exported to a range of standard file formats for further review and analysis. With this data costs can be cut by potentially reducing the number of loading docks required in a facility or suggesting increased activity for company growth, ensuring assets are used as efficiently and economically as possible.

The Salvo Loading Dock System eliminates risk of unscheduled truck departures from loading docks. The brake line interlocking system minimizes the possibility of human error to protect workers from injury and property from damage. Pairing this proven safety technology with the new Salvo DockMonitor feature ensures that loading remains safe, even while speed and efficiency are increased.

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