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With OpenText Capture for MS SharePoint, organizations can capture, digitize, and index paper documents, forms, and faxes and move them into SharePoint, minimizing dependence on paper-based processes. Program supports ad-hoc or desktop scanning, batch and distributed scanning, and full-text capture servers. Captured paper documents are converted to searchable digital documents using OCR and ICR. With Single Click Entry technology, user can extract any missing or required meta and business data.

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OpenText Unveils Advanced Capture Solution for Microsoft SharePoint

Allows Organizations to Quickly and Efficiently Digitize Paper Documents, Automatically Import Enterprise Content into SharePoint Libraries and Workflows

WATERLOO, ON, - OpenText(TM) (NASDAQ: OTEX) (TSX: OTC) today announced OpenText Capture for Microsoft SharePoint, a software solution that allows organizations to quickly and efficiently capture, digitize and fully index paper documents, forms and faxes and move them into SharePoint, helping to reduce dependence on paper-based processes and introduce business critical electronic content to corporate workflows.

This new offering builds on OpenText's advanced capture technologies and proven track record of building world-class solutions that extend the value of the SharePoint platform. It also complements the existing OpenText solution set for SharePoint, such as information governance, storage management, and business process management and makes OpenText one of the most comprehensive providers of SharePoint solutions.

When it comes to reducing paper, enterprises are increasingly turning to the latest generation of capture solutions that ease the process of indexing and storing documents and integrate seamlessly with existing content applications. Recent AIIM research cited strong opportunities and return-on-investment for advanced or intelligent document capture solutions, but noted that "a majority of respondents felt that IT resource issues and technical issues would be eased considerably if they had a common capture platform."

OpenText Capture for SharePoint is such a solution. It uses some of the most advanced tools available to capture and store paper documents and can be used to import other types of content including faxes, email with attached documents, images, business forms, and complex multipart documents. This gives organizations a single, enterprise-wide capture platform that can automatically import scanned documents into SharePoint libraries to significantly reduce transactional operating costs and to drive extended efficiencies through process automation initiatives.

"SharePoint represents a huge target market with many customers looking to add capture solutions in order to take full advantage of their SharePoint investments," said Harvey Spencer of Harvey Spencer Associates, a leading capture industry analyst firm. "Advanced enterprise capture solutions that are designed to make it easy such as the one that OpenText is introducing for SharePoint, provides a standardized approach to deploying distributed document capture across all departments and processes."

OpenText Capture for SharePoint supports a variety of capture scenarios including ad-hoc or desktop scanning, high-volume batch and distributed scanning, and full-text capture servers. Captured paper documents are then converted to searchable digital documents using the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR). Users can easily extract any missing or required meta and business data using patented Single Click Entry technology.

"For companies to truly realize the value of their SharePoint investments, it's critical they have a capture solution that seamlessly integrates with the target system," said Lubor Ptacek, General Manager of Microsoft Solutions at OpenText. "With deep expertise in capture and as an award-winning Microsoft partner, OpenText is ideally positioned to bring this functionality to enterprise SharePoint customers on a global basis."

Capture for SharePoint complements existing OpenText offerings for the Microsoft ecosystem. OpenText Business Process Management and Case Management solutions enable SharePoint customers to automate their business processes that often involve document capture. OpenText Application Governance and Archiving allows customers to provision SharePoint sites, extend formal records and physical records management capabilities and provide long-term preservation and archival. OpenText Storage Services for SharePoint reduces storage costs associated with supporting large volumes of content in SharePoint while ensuring performance. Now, OpenText Capture Center provides a seamless way for Capture for SharePoint customers to take intelligent capture to the next level and add automatic document recognition and metadata extraction capabilities to their solutions.

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