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Data Acquisition Software suits polyurethane processing machinery.

Press Release Summary:

MicroProcessVu(TM) v4.0 production control software includes graphical dashboard to view machine status; machine control via wizards and set-up screens; machine metrics; and visual alarms. Users are assigned or prohibited access to machine parameter setup through login and password. Software provides unlimited reporting capabilities of all measured parameters. Maintenance Wizard allows users to manage maintenance tasks ad hoc and as scheduled preventive maintenance.

Original Press Release:

Linden Industries / EMB Releases Version 4.0 of MicroProcessVu(TM) Data Acquisition and Production Control Software for Polyurethane Processing Machinery.

Linden Industries / EMB, a polyurethane equipment manufacturer located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, recently released version 4.0 of their data acquisition and production control software, MicroProcessVu(TM).

Version 4.0 of MicroProcessVu(TM) includes four new features:

1. A graphical "dashboard" to view what's going on in your machine at any point.
2. Easier machine control through wizards and set-up screens.
3. Machine metrics for ISO 9000 certification or Six Sigma process improvement analysis and high-speed trending.
4. A new maintenance program and visual alarms to reduce downtime and increase production.

The 4th generation development of this computerized data acquisition package was recently integrated into an instrument panel production line.

The software included in this package provides monitoring and status of the entire line including the metering machine (temperature, flow, pressure, ratio, and hydraulics), mold carriers, mold temperature for both lid and cavity, mold hydraulics, and vacuum system. Operating and control parameters are entered in easy to use screens. Although this particular application is for closed mold pouring, the software has also been integrated with robotic operations for open mold pouring.

In version 4.0, the machine set-up screens were redesigned to be simple and intuitive for even the novice user. Each user is assigned or prohibited access to machine parameter setup through a login and password. All modifications to system parameters are tracked by user i.d. and available through the report wizard.

Since a change in temperature, pressure, or flow rate typically results in a change in the product, process deviation tolerances are set so that any time a shot is out of the pre-defined parameter, an alarm is activated. Alarm help screens are designed to help the operator quickly identify the cause of the alarm and provide images and steps to correct the problem.

The software provides unlimited reporting capabilities with the ability to generate custom reports of all the measured parameters. This includes customized downtime reporting, production reporting, and historical alarm reporting.

Both real-time and historical statistical data is available to support the organization's ISO, QS or Six Sigma requirements. Data can be easily accessed and formatted through a simple to use report wizard.

The final NEW feature of version 4.0 is the Maintenance Wizard, which allows users to manage maintenance tasks both Ad Hoc and scheduled Preventive Maintenance.

Users can acknowledge completed maintenance, approve maintenance performed, and develop a knowledge base from complete tasks. A customized spare parts list and library of images, makes short work of identifying replacement parts, from which the user can generate work orders, requests for quote and requests for purchase.

MicroProcessVu(TM) has quickly been adopted throughout the automotive and polyurethane industry as an indispensable tool to maintain process control and product quality. When a product variation occurs, the cause is easily identified and remedied. The focus on maintenance, particularly preventive maintenance, and Linden's 24-hour modem support has reduced downtime and increased production.

MicroProcessVu(TM) is available on new Linden-EMB metering machines. For more information, contact Linden/EMB, 137 Ascot Parkway, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 44223. Tel: 800-966-0176. Fax: 330-928-1854 or go to Linden / EMB's website

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