Data Acquisition Module suits industrial applications.

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PCM-ADIO single board, PC/104 data acquisition module combines 32-channel, 16-bit A/D converter; 4-channel, 12-bit D/A converter; 16 lines of digital I/O; and event trigger control. Onboard microprocessor controls input and configurations, conversion rates, FIFO depth, output ranges, calibration, and digital I/O settings without use of jumpers or potentiometers. Automatic conversion rate is programmable from channel to channel.

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Advanced Command-Based PC/104 Data Acquisition System Module Provides Extreme Flexibility

electronicaUSA/Embedded Systems Conference, San Francisco, CA. Booth 2219 - WinSystems introduces the most flexible PC/104 industrial data acquisition module available on the market. Named the PCM-ADIO, this board combines the key elements of a total data acquisition system on a single board. This includes a 32 channel, 16-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) converter, 4 channel, 12-bit digital-to-analog (D/A) converter, 16 lines of digital I/O and event trigger control. An onboard microprocessor controls the input ranges, input configurations, conversion rates, FIFO depth, output ranges, calibration, and digital I/O settings without the use of clumsy jumpers or potentiometers. This board targets industrial applications that require a variety of sources from thermocouples, bridges, and monitored system voltages representing parameters such as temperature, pressure, acceleration, humidity, frequency, vibration, weight, flow rates and current with little or no external signal conditioning circuitry. Plus it has digital and analog outputs for process control applications.


The unique quality of this board is in its flexibility and accuracy. A Triscend (Mountain View, CA) TE520 Configurable System-on-Chip (CSoC) provides the intelligence and flexibility. It allows each channel to be independently configured as single ended or differential input, eight different input ranges, variable conversion intervals, and allocation of the 32kilobyte FIFO by a simple command structure. This means that on-the-fly, the board can change to different calibrated input configurations to any mode without a time penalty. The automatic conversion rate is programmable from channel to channel which improves program efficiency, data handling and processing time. It also controls all four fully independent analog output channels and the digital I/O mix.

The analog section of the board has been carefully designed with ultra low noise power supplies and a low drift voltage reference. These are critical for accurate measurements with a 16-bit resolution. Also, special layout techniques and low drift resistor networks are used to maintain the precision, accuracy, and long-term stability of this board. The input ranges are 1.25, 2.5, 5, and 10 volts either unipolar or bipolar. There are no missing codes and the measurements are monotonic over the full temperature range from -40° to +85° Centigrade.

Four independent 12-bit D/A converters are on the board. Each channel can be updated or cleared either independently or simultaneously. The output voltage ranges are 0-5V, 0-10V, 12.5V, 15V, 110V.

There are 16 lines of digital I/O organized into two, 8-bit bytes configured as either input or output. The lines are TTL-compatible and can source and sink 12 mA.


List price for the PCM-ADIO is $765 and delivery is stock to 3 weeks. For sales information, please list; WinSystems' Application Engineering Group at 715 Stadium Drive, Arlington, Texas 76011, (817) 274-7553, e-mail and Website

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