Data Acquisition for Large Network Requirements

Remote Monitoring of Multiple Facilities

Chesterland, Ohio - A CAS Data Logger customer required a centralized location to monitor and record temperature and humidity for several storage facilities located across the United States. The large buildings had varying conditions: from subzero temperatures to extreme heat, and humidity levels from extremely dry to over 90% relative humidity. The large number of sensors coupled with the number of remote facilities required a flexible data acquisition system equipped to handle a large number of sensor inputs.

A CAS team assessed the needs and determined that the best solution was to utilize a TandD Temperature & Humidity Wireless Remote Logger Networking System. With the system's capacity to easily communicate remotely with multiple data loggers located around the world at the various facilities, it provided the perfect platform for this monitoring project.

CAS utilized the RTR-52 and RTR-53 loggers to monitor and record the temperature and humidity of the storage facilities. When only a temperature reading was required, the RTR-52 was utilized. The RTR-53, capable of measuring both temperature and relative humidity, was utilized when both temperature and RH required monitoring. Both loggers can monitor temperatures ranging from -60 to 155°C and the RTR-53's RH sensor has a range of 10%-95% RH. Both data loggers have the capacity to store 16,000 points and the capability to maintain a battery life of up to 2 ½ years - depending on the rate data is recorded.

By incorporating a standard browser, such as Internet Explorer, it was possible to download logged data, monitor real time values and configure the wireless data loggers remotely from a PC from any location. Given the remote control over the system and the flexible remote accessibility of the data, the process for gathering data and maintaining the system was significantly streamlined resulting in fewer errors and lower costs.

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