DAQ Workstation is suited for telemetry data recording.

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Designed for aerospace applications, rackmount EV2 employs open architecture design with 18.1 in. color display. It provides 6 PCI slots for third party PCI cards and software as well as multiple expansion bays for removable media. Up to 32 waveforms and events can be displayed and recorded at any one time through 32 analog or digital input channels. Data can be monitored in real-time and simultaneously displayed in strip chart, numeric datalogging, and x-y plot formats.

Original Press Release:

Data Acquisition Workstation Revolutionizes Telemetry Data Recording

A powerful new rackmount data acquisition workstation has been announced by Test and Measurement Systems, Astro-Med, Inc., West Warwick, RI. The unit offers a host of outstanding features including an open architecture design, 18.1-inch color display for real-time data viewing, intuitive touch-screen interface, powerful integrated computer and 32 analog or digital input channels.

Designated EV2, the unit is designed and engineered especially for aerospace applications, including flight testing, missile testing, flight simulation and satellite telemetry. Its open architecture design gives a user the ability to expand into a wide range of systems. With its six PCI slots for third party PCI cards and software, and multiple expansion bays for removable media, the EV2 is a perfect vehicle for telemetry facilities to consolidate large amounts of equipment into one system.

Extending beyond the capabilities of Astro-Med's flagship Everest® telemetry recorder-workstation, the EV2 is designed to address new telemetry markets by providing a base platform for the integration of third party hardware and software. Examples include the Scramnet replicated shared memory card and decomm cards such as the L3 multifunction telemetry board.

In addition to a hard copy paper option, the EV2 Data Acquisition Workstation includes four drive bays for installation of internal CD-RW and DVD-RW drives, Kingston removable drive shuttles and other memory options. The CD and DVD drives are ideal for upgrading software, saving test setups and archiving captured data.

The RTM option for the EV2 allows the unit to employ Astro-Med's VDiS operating software. Based on the software from Astro-Med's Everest Telemetry Recorder-Workstation, Everest VDiS software features a number of powerful real-time display capabilities.

Data can be monitored in real-time and simultaneously displayed in strip chart, numeric datalogging and x-y plot formats. "Moving pen tips" driven by the signal data mark the real-time data points. Alarm limits can be set to allow waveforms to change color when predefined limits are exceeded. IRIG time code is displayed and grids can be synchronized with time, allowing data to be interpreted in military time.

Virtual Chart allows the user to save an entire test to the internal hard drive without the need for printing. Virtual Chart data can be reviewed on the display, printed on the chart, or transferred to a PC for offline analysis.

Up to 32 waveforms and 32 events can be displayed on the screen and recorded at any one time. The user can design personal grids with custom formats of channel widths, number of divisions, etc., with complete flexibility. Waveforms and data can be clearly viewed from any angle in real time on the high-resolution 18.1" color monitor. The display is completely customizable, and different colors can be used for waveforms, grids, timing marks and text.

The EV2 can accept up to 32 analog inputs. Alternately, up to 32 channels of digital data can be input via Ethernet or other optional interfaces, making connection to third party decomm systems easier than ever. The unit accepts IRIG A, B, H and NASA 36 time codes.

Prices for EV2 start at $14,950. More information about EV2 can be obtained from Test and Measurement Systems, Astro-Med, Inc., Astro-Med Industrial Park, W. Warwick, RI 02893. Phone Toll-Free 877-867-9783, e-mail mtgroup@astro-med.com, or visit our website at astro-med.com/tmindex.html.

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