DAPRA Precision Grinding and Deburring Tools

Dapra's series of Biax hand-held, air-powered tools include lightweight grinders and variable-speed deburring machines.

The SRD 3-55/2 and SRD 6-30/2 are ideal for grinding and shaping. The SRD 3-55/2 features a low-vibration motor for fine deburring and long service life. Its rotational speed is 55,000 RPM with an air consumption of 6 CFM. The SRD 6-30/2 high-performance grinder has a 150-Watt motor and achieves a speed of 30,000 RPM. Both lightweight grinders have twist valves and are designed for easier handling to reduce user fatigue.

Dapra also offers straight and angled variable-speed, hand-held deburring tools. The angular design of models BEW 309 and BEW 605 is ideal for deburring bore holes in difficult-to-reach areas, such as slanted bore holes that must be deburred from the inside. The BEW 309 has a variable speed of 0-900 RPM; the BEW 605 has a variable speed of 0-500 RPM. Both models have a lever valve and a backward air exhaust direction. The Biax BE 309 straight drilling/deburring machine deburrs bore holes up to 5.5 mm and has a variable speed of 0-900 RPM. The tool has a push-start valve for easier handling.

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