Damping/Spring Hinges offer slow closing/opening movement.

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Designed to provide controlled opening or closing motion, 1000, 2000, and 3000 Series Damping/Spring Hinges provide .5-1 lb-in., 1-3 lb-in., and 3-6 lb-in. damping torque, respectively, with ±15% tolerance. Units are made from aluminum and available with various anodizing finishes. With life cycle of 60,000, units are suited for aerospace, industrial machinery, automotive, medical equipment, telecommunications, computer equipment, food equipment, and networking applications.

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Hanaya Unveils New Damping/Spring Hinge

SCARSDALE, NY-March 9, 2009 - HANAYA, INC. has unveiled a new DAMPING/SPRING hinge for the Medical, Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial. The hinge is available in different sizes to meet different strength, space and slow motion requirements. Different sizes offers different slow motion damping options for different application needs. The damping hinge is available in 3 standard models with three different damping torque: The 1000 Series with .5 to 1 in.lbs., the 2000 series with 1 to 3 in.lbs. and the 3000 series from 3 to 6 in.lbs., +/- 15% tolerance. These standard damping hinges can be combined with springs to provide controlled opening or closing motion. The life cycle of this hinge is 60,000. The new hinge is designed for numerous applications in a wide range of industries, ranging from aerospace to industrial machinery, from medical equipment to telecommunications and from computer equipment to food equipment and networking. The hinge is also ideal for applications in the semiconductor manufacturing, marine, RV/caravan, HVAC, vending, lighting and other industries, as well as on ATMs and similar equipment. These damping hinges are made out of aluminum and we can provide different anodizing finishes. "This uniquely engineered damping/spring hinge provides a new range of motion. The arrangement of friction and damping motion allows the user to control a slow-closing/opening movement as the spring compensates for the force of gravity acting on the cover." says Jose Cortes, V.P. of Sales. 'We have introduced this combination after several requests from customers in need of such a mechanism. We are already cooperating with design teams at several companies and we expect this product to be in several products in 2008," Jose Cortes added, "This model can be made of stainless steel for better protection." Friction hinges have been traditionally used in the computer industry, but there are new and other markets where for damping/spring hinges that could be used in place of friction or even frictionless hinges. Hanaya's superior manufacturing processes result in time-tested quality hinges. "Our hinges' life cycles exceed 35,000 and in some cases over 100,000 cycles. "Between our Design Department and our Production Facilities, we have accumulated a wealth of expertise, and proven capabilities within a wide range of industries. With the introduction of this model we effectively address unique requirements and challenges for motion mechanisms in a wide range of applications" said Jose Cortes. "We have been successfully repositioning our Engineering Solutions business to meet our clients' needs as they continue to switch more of their manufacturing to the Far East. Our production facilities in Taiwan and the US, and our engineering department here in the US have accumulated over 10 years of experience manufacturing and designing friction hinges." "This hinge design is the result of months of close collaboration with manufacturers and design houses around the world. We designed this hinge in an effort to help them develop innovative solutions that differentiate their products from that of their competitors' by enhancing the smoothness of the open/close motion," says George Tan, Head of Engineering. Damping/Spring hinges are used on applications where a lid or panel needs to close without slamming or to open by itself upon release of a latch with a smooth controlled motion. Each damping/spring hinges should be carefully selected according to the number of operations they are expected to exercise and the force needed to move the part. There are torque and size limitations. "In order to achieve smoothness of operation, we work extensively with our customers. We refuse to go forward in full production until our prototypes or first articles provide the best feel and most reliable results." said Jose Cortes For more information contact:
Jose R. Cortes
53 Carthage Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583
1-888-5-HINGES (1-888-544-6437)
Fax: 1-914-472-5014

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