D-Sub Connnectors plug into Profibus.

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SUBCON-PLUS field-wire connectors make wiring and installation of Profibus nodes easy by providing a way to make terminations without soldering or crimping. Incoming and outgoing bus lines connect to screw or spring clamp terminal blocks. Connectors have EMI/RFI shielded housing, making it suitable for use on cables with up to 12 Mbit/s data rates. Available with angled or straight cable feeds. Optional port connects field programming devices.

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D-SUB Connectors for Profibus

Harrisburg, PA -- Phoenix Contact introduces a new line of field-wire D-SUB connectors especially for Profibus applications. The SUBCON-PLUS Profibus series is designed to facilitate wiring and installation of Profibus nodes by providing a means to make D-SUB terminations without the hassle of soldering or crimping. The incoming and outgoing bus line are connected to easy-to-wire screw or spring clamp terminal blocks. Nothing more than a screwdriver is ever required for fast and easy terminations.

The SUBCON-PLUS Profibus comes in a high quality EMI/RFI shielded housing making it ideal for use on communication cables with up to 12Mbit/s data rates. A unique insulation displacement technique built into the shell pierces the cable to offer strain relief while also providing the electrical connection of the housing to the shield for maximum reliability and shielding effects. An integrated terminating resistor can be easily turned on with a slide switch built into the housing. Versions are available with angled or straight cable feeds. The SUBCON-PLUS Profibus also features an optional programming port for easy connection of field programming devices.

Phoenix Contact Inc. Quality System is registered to ISO 9001: 1994 - Quality Systems Model for Quality Assurance in design, development, production, installation and servicing.

Information on SUBCON-PLUS Profibus is available from Phoenix Contact Inc., Technical Service Department, P.O. Box 4100, Harrisburg, PA 17111-0100, (800) 322-3225, FAX (717) 944-1625; e-mail: info@phoenixcon.com. Visit the company's website at www.phoenixcon.com

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