D-Sub Connectors have multiway triaxial design.

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Multiway Triax D-Subminiature series grounds outer shield of triax contact directly to shell of connector. Multi-finger ground spring, fixed around triax shell, provides multi-point contact engagement for EMI shielding. Size 10 triax interface transmits data at 100 ohm differential pair impedance. Able to mate up to 14 contacts in one connector interface, design has polarizing shell to prevent mismating and scoop-proof concentric triax interface for mating repeatability.

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Sabritec Introduces New Multiway Triaxial D-Sub Connectors

Sabritec, a custom connecting devices manufacturer and Smiths Interconnect company, offers a new rugged d-subminiature multiway connector line for their standard triax series.

The Multiway Triax D-Subminiature series connectors are designed to ground the outer shield of a triax contact directly to the shell of the connector. A multi-finger ground spring, fixed around the triax shell, provides a multi-point contact engagement for superior EMI shielding. The result is an extremely low contact resistance when measured from the triax contact outer body to the connector flange.

Up to the present day, the transmission of data in satellite applications has sufficed with the use of 50 ohm coax cable and connector interfaces. However, digital signal processors now used in commercial and military satellite installations require data to be transmitted for 100 Base-T and higher data rate formats. This makes the use of standard 50 ohm coax incompatible.

Sabritec's solution to this problem is a size 10 triax interface to transmit data at 100 ohms differential pair impedance packaged in a compact rugged connector. Using the design for the triax, a suitable package was manufactured, able to mate up to fourteen of these contacts in a single connector interface. Sabritec added features such as a polarizing shell to prevent any mismating and a scoop proof concentric triax interface that allows the repeatability and durability of mating the fourteen Triax contacts.

About Sabritec
Sabritec is an ISO 9001 certified company that specializes in the design and manufacture of coax, triax, filtered, and fibre channel/Ethernet and fiber optical connectors, contacts, and cable assemblies. Sabritec is completely vertically integrated, creating high quality precision interconnect products from initial concept, design and development, through production and acceptance testing.

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