Cylindrical Grinder turns/grinds shafts in single clamping.

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Featuring Studer Granitan® S103 mineral inclined-bed machine base and integrated chip conveyor, Kairos S is designed for hard turning and grinding of rotational hard/fine applications for shaft and chucked workpieces. Modular design facilitates setup and changeover, while Fanuc 310i-A digital control offers step-by-step programming. Depending upon application, parts up to 1,000 mm can be machined, and max workpiece weight is 25 kg.

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Kairos S Grinds/Turns Shafts in a Single Clamping

MIAMISBURG, OH - United Grinding Technologies, Inc. (UGT) announces the introduction of a new addition to its Studer line of high-performance cylindrical grinders, the Kairos S. The Kairos S is an innovate machine concept, specifically designed for the hard turning and grinding of rotational hard/fine applications for both shaft and chucked workpieces - gear shafts, camshafts and turbocharger shafts. A part can be fully machined with a single clamping, reducing machining time, idle time and logistics costs (fixturing and refixturing from one machine to another).

The Studer Granitan® S103 mineral inclined-bed machine base meets the following special requirements: good machine accessibility, optimum chip discharge into the integrated chip conveyor, effective vibration damping and the highest possible thermal stability.

Modular design for quick setup and changeover, state-of-the-art digital control and drive systems and user-friendly step-by-step programming make the Kairos S a remarkably flexible solution to a wide variety of cylindrical grinding applications. Swing diameter is 185 mm. Between-centers grinding length is 400 mm or 650 mm. Depending upon the application, parts up to 1000 mm can be machined. Maximum workpiece weight is 25 kg.

An extremely rigid longitudinal slide with two independently controlled cross slides for the tool holders ensures short travels for combined machining and the flexible use of a large number of tools. The left cross slide holds the wheelhead, while the rotating tool turret with 8 tool positions, with an optional 4 driven tools for milling and drilling, is fitted to the right-hand cross slide. Highly dynamic axis drives with pre-tensioned linear guideways and linear measuring systems for in-process length positioning, length and diameter guarantee the highest precision.

Kairos S overview

Digital direct-drive, three-phase servomotors with prestressed, precision ballscrews power the X- and Z-axes. Cross-slide X-axis travel is 205 mm at speeds ranging to 15,000 mm/min. Linear resolution is 0.0001 mm. Z-axis slide travel is 800 mm. Speed and linear resolution are respectively 25,000 mm/min and 0.0001 mm.

The rotating turret holds 8 tools with 4 optional driven tools. Maximum drive speed is 6000 rpm and is powered by a 2.5 kW motor.

A 6.8 kW grinding spindle with automatic balancing achieves speeds to 50 m/s (optional high-speed grinding spindle features a 10.5 kW motor with speeds up to 140 m/s). Swivel range is 0º to 25º. Grinding wheel diameter is 400 mm x 50/63 mm.

The workhead is driven by a 5.5 kW motor with speeds up to 3500 rpm. Tool holding fixture is MK4/dia., 63 mm DIN 55026. Load during live spindle grinding is 50 Nm with a roundness accuracy of 0.0004 mm.

The NC tailstock is fitted on a slide that can traverse over the entire clamping length. Maximum travel is 450 mm at speeds ranging to 15 m/min. Resolution is 0.001 mm with a fine adjustment to ± 50 µm. Barrel diameter is 60 mm with a travel of 10 mm and adapter for MT4 centers. Center pressure is manually adjustable. An optional 2.1 kW, 3500 rpm synchronous motor spindle is available with adapter for MT3 centers and programmable clamping force.

V and flat guideways are coated with abrasion-proof Granitan S200 and provide high vibration damping and superior rigidity. Patented pre-loaded precision roller bearing guideway provides wear-free, stick-free movement and high-precision accuracy.

Control & programming

The Kairos S features state-of-the-art Fanuc 310i-A digital control and axis drive components. Machine operation, setup, changeover, dressing and programming of even complex parts are easily accomplished through the innovative, step-by-step Studer Pictogramming which allows operators simply to connect grinding cycles to one another and add necessary numerical values. StuderWIN and StuderGRIND guarantee efficient use of the machine, and the integration of in-process gaging and sensor technology for process monitoring guarantee high process safety and reliability. Standardized interfaces are available for part loading/unloading and other peripheral devices.

Studer universal, external and internal grinders are supported by an expert team of grinding specialists and technicians drawing on more than 10,000 machine
installations and a worldwide support and service network.

United Grinding Technologies, Inc., the North American arm of the Körber-Schleifring Group and supplier of such venerable nameplates as Blohm, Ewag, Jung, Mägerle, Studer, Studer Schaudt, Studer Mikrosa and Walter, is a global leader in grinding technology and has built a reputation for industry-leading innovation and unparalleled service and support.

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