Cutters make large holes in sheet metal up to 1/8 in. thick.

Press Release Summary:

Series 14,000 Holcutters utilize one size arbor for all cutter diameters. Mating connections between arbor and cutter feature 4-lead thread that allows spin-on attachment and prevents overtightening during operation. Shoulder on outside diameter of cutter prevents entire tool body from plunging through completed hole. Cutters are M2 HSS heat-treat hardened and precision-ground tools for making holes from 11/16-3 in. diameter.

Original Press Release:

Design Upgrades Improve Sheet Metal Holemaking

One of the easiest ways to make large holes in sheet metal and other thin-gage materials of up to 1/8" thick has been "14,000-Series" Holcutters(TM) from Hougen Manufacturing (Flint, MI). Now, it's even easier, with several design and construction enhancements that will boost the performance of these tools. Among the upgrades are the development of a single arbor size for all cutter diameters, a new arbor-to-cutter mounting system, and the incorporation of a shoulder on the outside diameter of the cutter to prevent the entire tool body from plunging through a completed hole.

The one size arbor replaces the need for multiple units, making size changeovers fast and convenient. The arbor and cutter mating connections have been improved with a four-lead thread that not only allows fast spin-on attachment, but also helps to make removal easier by preventing overtightening that could occur during operation. The addition of the shoulder near the non-cutting end of the tool stops the cutter from dropping through the hole, saving time to retract the unit, while providing a higher level of operational safety.

"14,000-Series" Holcutters are designed to outperform twist drills, hole saws or knock-out punches. Their cutting tooth geometry cuts clean, round, accurate and virtually burr-free holes up to three times faster than twist drills or hole saws, and six times faster than knock-out punches - without damaging or deforming the surrounding material.

The cutters are M2 H. S. S. heat treat hardened and precision ground tools-unlike stamped hole saws-with sizes for making large holes of 11/16" up to 3" diameter.

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