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Customizable OSA Platform meets production engineering demands.

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Sep 06, 2012 - Designed for use across commonly used discrete wavelength ranges of 1, 1.5, and 2 micron, OSA-G Series delivers core functionality needed for production engineering and manufacturing applications. Grating-based optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) solution is engineered to capture high-resolution spectral data using platform that supports customization during assembly process.

Southern Photonics Ltd - Auckland, NZL

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Southern Photonics Announces New Cost Effective OSA Product Series at ECOC 2012

Press release date: Sep 03, 2012

Southern Photonics has announced the introduction of a new series of cost-effective optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) products to complement their Coherent Solutions portfolio. The new 'OSA-G Series' is a grating based OSA platform designed for use across a span of commonly used discrete wavelength ranges and will be demonstrated for the first time at ECOC (European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication) from 17th-19th September 2012 in Amsterdam.

Southern Photonics has responded to market demand for an affordable high resolution OSA for the production engineering and manufacturing environments. The new OSA product series is a unique product offering and focuses on the core functionality needed in these specific applications, using a design which easily enables customization if required. Current high resolution OSA's on the market are utilized as general purpose lab instruments designed to address many different applications, resulting in features and capabilities which can add significant cost, but may never be used in a manufacturing application.

The OSA-G Series has been specifically engineered to capture high resolution spectral data using a platform which supports a high degree of customization during the assembly process. The result is a product tailored for manufacturing lines and production engineering at the lowest available price for an OSA of similar resolution.

The product is initially available in 3 different wavelength ranges; (1 micron, 1.5 micron and 2 micron) in order to serve a wide variety of applications.

Southern Photonics will be demonstrating the OSA-G Series at ECOC on stand 609, to a 1.5 micron wavelength, allowing customers to interact and engage with the product for the first time.

Andy Stevens, COO of Southern Photonics says: "We are really excited to be announcing this new product series. Our strategy is to work closely with our customers to provide solutions which are tailored to their requirements. This flexibility is a strength that our larger competitors are unable to match. The OSA-G Series is a great example of our approach and we anticipate strong demand from our customers with internal manufacturing capabilities."

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