Customizable LED Lighting Controller provides DMX, PWM output.

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Apollo Controller can control DMX devices, such as wall washers and PAR cans, or drive 3 channels of PWM to control LED lighting fixtures, such as strips and bars. Dual-mode solution comes with software that lets user visually design custom lighting scenes on computer, load them into Apollo, and play them back through lighting fixtures without computer. Functionality accommodates needs of artists, business owners, or anyone who needs pre-programmed custom content.

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Elemental LED Introduces First-of-its-Kind Customizable LED Lighting Controller

The Apollo Controller offers both DMX and PWM output, along with computer software that allows for user-friendly custom lighting programming.

San Francisco, CA - Elemental LED, a San Francisco based LED lighting company, is proud to announce the release of the Apollo Controller, a dual-mode, custom programmable lighting controller. Unlike other LED lighting controllers on the market, the Apollo is able to output either in DMX or via pulse width modulation (PWM). This is an unprecedented accomplishment in the LED lighting community, which gives the Apollo the ability to control DMX devices, like wall washers and PAR cans, or to drive three channels of PWM to control LED lighting fixtures like strips and bars.

Computer Software to Match
What's more, Elemental LED has also developed specialized computer software to be used in conjunction with the Apollo Controller. This software allows the user to visually design custom lighting scenes on his computer, load them into the Apollo, and then play them back through his lighting fixtures without the computer. The software incorporates simple flowchart-style design and uses cues such as "Fade to Color" and "Pause on a Color" to construct scenes and create previews on the computer.

With the Apollo System, Custom Lighting Is Only a Few Steps Away!

Step 1 Install the Apollo software onto your computer
Step 2 Design up to 16 lighting scenes on your PC using Apollo software
Step 3 Connect the Apollo Controller to your computer using a USB cable and transfer your customized lighting scenes to the unit.
Step 4 Using the buttons and the numerical display on the Apollo, trigger any of the scenes through your existing LED lighting fixtures.
Step 5 Have fun! Switch out your lighting scenes depending on the mood you want to create. Each scene you select will repeat endlessly until you choose another or shut the unit off.

Let Apollo Take Your Business Into Uncharted Territory
The Apollo Controller is designed for artists, business owners, or anyone who needs simple, pre-programmed custom content at an affordable price. For example, a bar owner may want to create ambiance through slow-pulsing, colored accent lights behind his shelves of bottles. He may want to remain in one particular color range (blues and greens) during the slower days at the beginning of the week, and then transition into more energetic colors (reds and oranges) on the weekend. The Apollo Controller will allow the bar owner to create this lighting effect to his exact specifications, and it can do the same for you!

The Apollo Controller will be available for purchase in about two months. To preorder an Apollo unit, or learn more about how the Apollo Controller can meet your home and business lighting needs, visit

About Elemental LED
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