Custom Processors For Specific Pharmaceutical Applications

Lee Industries, Inc. fabricates Pharmaceutical and Bio-Tech Vessels for specific applications. These vessels include specialty agitation systems, portable vessels, special CE marked vessels, and pressure vacuum units, all with custom dimensions and connections. Heavy-duty custom-designed scraped-surface agitators along with propellor mixers can be included for special mixing applications.

All vessels can be provided with Lee's electropolish finish and also can be furnished with our new upgraded prevalidation manual, which is comprised of mill certifications, A.S.M.E. calculations, CE and seismic certifications, sprayball testing documentation, finish mapping, and other documents to assist in the validation of the equipment.

Let Lee Industries' knowledge and fabrication experience assist you in designing and furnishing your custom pharmaceutical vessels to meet your requirements.

For additional information on Lee's Pharmaceutical Vessels or to schedule lab time, contact:

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