Custom Molded Nameplates Provide Lightweight, Flexible Solution for Product Identification

North Olmsted, OH, September 19, 2008 - Nutron Nameplate, a full service provider of product identification and design solutions, is announcing the availability of custom molded nameplates.

The molding process offers a lightweight, attractive, 3 dimensional alternative to cast metal nameplates or logo plates. And you may be surprised to learn that the process can be cost effective in short run quantities as low as 500 and sometimes 100 pieces.

Plastics provide numerous material, color, and finish options for any product that calls for identification or decorative trim. Lightweight and flexible polycarbonate, polyester, vinyl, or ABS sheet can be selected to fulfill specific needs.

Using a design or artwork, a pattern is made from which a cavity will be cut into plate steel or aluminum. With injection molding of this type, the back of the nameplate is usually flat so the mold itself only need be carved into one half of the mold. Plastic resins are heated to a thermoplastic (liquid) state and then injected into the mold under high pressure. As the liquefied plastic cools, it takes the shape of the nameplate, bezel, trim or design engraved into the mold. The part is removed from the mold and cooled.

The nameplates can be roll coated or foil stamped. A tipping process is also offered where the raised surfaces are decorated. Appliqués or adhesive backing can also be added where desired.

In the decoration process, screening, hot stamping, molding and digital imaging are employed individually or in combination, resulting in unique presentations. Pressure sensitive adhesives are laminated for bonding to most surfaces. Plastics can be fabricated with hard or soft tooling as well as by laser or plotter cutting devices.
Finished parts can perform functional as well as decorative roles as in the case of bezels, switchplates, panels, cover plates, or trim.

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About Nutron Nameplate

Nutron Nameplate is a full service provider of product identification and design solutions fabricated from both metal and plastic. We also have more than 25yrs of experience in the design and manufacture of product safety labeling. Our extensive knowledge of national and industry standards enables us to work with manufacturers and trade associations to make their safety id more effective. We are a consultant and producer of safety identification for numerous manufacturers and trade associations, as well as a member of the ANSI-Z535 Safety Signs and Colors Committee.

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