Custom Lift Assist for Inspection of Large Pumps

Many companies need to inspect their parts for quality but how about a 1200# pump.

Ergonomic Partners was asked to design and build a custom lifting device to rotate the customer's parts in all axes so they could check the parts for manufacturing defects and further assemble parts on the pump. In addition the customer wanted to have optimum control of the pump while turning the part for the operator.

Ergonomic Partners design integrated a 90 degree tilt function as well as continuous 360 degree rotation so the part could be inspected in all axes. To accomplish the control the customer wanted, Magnetek Flux Vector VG+ variable frequency control was supplied which provided the customer with 1000:1 control ratio. The part can be moved so slow it is barely noticeable to the eye. This type of control is widely used on the most severe and precise hoisting applications in aerospace, steel fabrication, nuclear facilities, clam shell and bucket cranes. The unit is controlled with a Magnetek 3 speed SPB2 pushbutton station. This one of a kind inspection fixture has helped the operators reduce assembly and inspection time.

A full video of the custom lifting device can be seen at or visit

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