Custom Equipment Profiles: Air Cooled Chillers for Dynamometer Cooling

You depend on your dynamometer for
accurate engine and motor testing. Your
dynamometer depends on its chiller to absorb and
dissipate heat in order to operate to the best of its
ability. This means finding the right chiller
manufacturer is vital to the functionality of your

General Air Products has extensive experience
with dynamometer cooling. Our expert team of process
cooling engineers understands the variety of demands
that arise in a dynamometer application. Our line of
industrial grade chillers will cool to your requirements
no matter the type or application of your dynamometer.

General Air Products' engineering team has designed custom
chillers for small scale dynamometer testing, where accuracy is
critical. For example, in a recent water brake type absorber
dynamometer application, a constant supply of water was needed in
order to ensure that the engine being tested was held at a steady
RPM. To gain tight control on the cooling loop, only a custom built
chiller, designed specifically for the application at hand would suffice.

Consistancy and control are two very important aspects to
consider in a chiller for dynamometer cooling. Accuracy of the test
results often relies heavily on maintaining a constant pressure and the
ability to gauge and control flow. The addition of a pressure switch,
flow meter and back pressure regulator to your chiller mean the
difference between accurate and
inaccurate test results.

With that said, through our industry
experience we have learned when an elaborate, custom cooling solution
is unnecessary and an off-the-shelf option, or a slightly modified chiller (as
seen in the picture above right), will do the trick.
Considering chillers are so important to the accuracy of your
dynamometer testing, you should choose the chiller manufacturer who
understands those demands. General Air Products has an experienced
engineering team ready to supply you with the chiller that best fits your
application. Whether custom or standard, General Air Products has the
chiller you need to keep your dynamometer up and running and giving
accurate results. Contact us today.

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