Custom Cabinets can be built to industrial, defense requirements.

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Fitters cabinets can be tailor-made for industrial, defense, and general manufacturing applications. Dimensions, as well as all shelving and ancillary fittings, can be made to order so that every aspect of design (inside and out), such as handles, shelf inclusions, and rollers, can meet exact requirements. All cabinets feature industrial powder coating to promote durability and extended service.

Original Press Release:

Fitters Cabinets Tailored for Industrial and Defence Applications

Durable fitters cabinets are now being tailor-made by ergonomic product specialist Actisafe specifically for industrial, Defence Industry and general manufacturing applications.

Actisafe, a ‘Defence Recognised Supplier’, has developed its fitters cabinets to meet the growing call for non size-specific products of this type.

As longstanding commercial brands normally manufacture ranges in selected dimensions, industrial companies often find it difficult to fit catalogue sizes in specific locations.

And it's not just the dimension aspect of the Actisafe fitters cabinets that is custom-designed.

All shelving and ancillaries fittings can also be made to order, so little aspects of the products - inside and out - such as handles, shelf inclusions, rollers etc can be procured to the exact requirement.

For example, a recent order called for one section of the cabinet to be devoid of flooring.

This request was made to allow a secondary cabinet the room to slide into the main fitters cabinet for a security lock up.

All Actisafe fitters cabinets have a durable, industrial powder coating to provide many years in protection and service.

Because Actisafe has its own powder coating facility, an extensive range of colour choices are available to allow companies to align with their own branding, safety procedures and identification needs.

Actisafe fitters cabinets are 100% Australian made and are built to last.

For more information, please contact Actisafe. 1300 852 397.

Prepared by Val Pavlovic, Omentum Media. Ph: (02) 9744 7605. 0413 869 589

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