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The STI Stopper® Station button with shield (SS-24B9) can be customized for your emergency application in days. Constructed of tough polycarbonate, the unit can take hard knocks in stride. If required, a local alarm sounds when cover is lifted, and a wireless transmission is sent to an STI receiver to acknowledge button activation.

The Push-to-Activate, Key-to-Reset button with supervised wireless shield helps prevent accidental activation, yet allows legitimate usage of the unit. If someone brushes against the button or a child tries to push out of curiosity, the cover will prevent a false activation, which eliminates unnecessary building interruptions. When legitimate use is required, user simply needs to lift the cover and push the button, alerting to an emergency situation. When activated, the button will perform designated action (i.e. lock school doors) and will transmit a radio signal to the required STI receiver to notify personnel.

Examples of application usage:
· Schools, universities, daycares, offices - protect against potential assailants
· Prisons - protect against dangerous internal event
· Hospitals - protect against external contamination, civil disturbance or abduction of an infant or child
· Computer systems (digital lockdown) - blocks all outward information on a computer, including internet access and internal applications, in order to prevent the spread of viral infections and glitches, or prevent a hijacker from stealing information
· Useful for environments with established safety/emergency protocols

Stopper Stations are available in red, green, yellow, white or blue and offer customized wording in virtually any language. Polycarbonate is backed by a three year guarantee against breakage in normal use (one year on electro mechanical and electronic components). Button is UL/cUL Listed and ADA Compliant.

For more information on STI Stopper Station (SS-24B9), or the entire Stopper® Line:
call 800-888-4784
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STI's address is 2306 Airport Road, Waterford, MI 48327-1209.

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