Custom Battery Pack for Precision Guided Firearm


Epec was approached to develop a custom battery pack for a precision guided commercial firearm scope. For this application, the battery packs needed to be designed for a weapons system similar to the target tracking and fire control found in advanced fighter jets. The technology that is inside these firearms is quite sophisticated. It was necessary that the battery packs powering the scope to be highly reliable while meeting the excessive shock and recoil requirements.

Cost was a factor, as the price objectives required to be in line with marketing the weapon. The design also had close tolerances for dimensional fit to interface with the scope, plus the enclosure, battery cells, and built in electronics needed to be rugged to withstand the shock and recoil when the firearm was discharged.

Samples and regulatory were another concern. Epec was obligated to work with an aggressive timeline to produce production ready samples and regulatory certifications to meet product launch schedule.


Our design team worked closely with the customer on the electrical and mechanical details of the battery pack to provide the power requirements. A custom built enclosure was also designed to withstand the shock and recoil, while keeping the project within budget.

With our technical experience and resources we were able to provide the first prototypes quickly. We also provided support for required electrical changes by the customer, and submit additional working prototypes to stay within their set timelines.

Custom Battery Pack for Precision Guided Firearm

In addition, Epec managed an expedited regulatory certification on this project to have the transportation certifications in place meeting product launch target date.


Epec's expertise and technical engineering support team was able to address each issue and challenge the customer experienced. As a result of the collaboration, Epec provided the customer a custom battery pack solution to power the most advanced commercially available firearm system in the world.

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