Cushioning Gel forms barrier on sharp edged surfaces.

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Comprised of 24 in. L gel pad that folds at 90° angle, AliEdge Gel attaches to tables, counters, or other straight, protruding surfaces with potentially hazardous edges. When applied to surface, product forms soft, sealed barrier between employees and sharp edges with added cushioning. Sealed in puncture-resistant thermoformed skin, ½ in. thick inner Blue Diamond Gel will not ooze, leak, or evaporate. AliEdge Gel wipes clean and is both anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

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AliMed® Introduces AliEdge Gel - Another Advance in Workplace Safety

August 1, 2005, Dedham, MA-AliMed®inc., a nationwide leader in ergonomic solutions, has just added yet another useful product to the wide selection it already offers that further enhances workplace safety. AliEdge Gel represents an innovative means of making any workplace safer and more comfortable. AliEdge Gel is designed to attach to tables, counters, or other straight, protruding surfaces that have edges that could be potentially hazardous. When applied to such a surface in the workplace, AliEdge Gel effectively forms a soft, completely sealed barrier between employees and harmful sharp edges with the added cushioning it provides. It also serves as a handy wrist or elbow rest that disperses the user's weight, reducing pressure points and offering comfort far superior to that of any hard surface it is covering. AliEdge Gel is comprised of an elongated gel pad (24"L) that folds at a 90° angle (2 1/2"W top x 1 1/2"W side) and includes two adhesive strips on its underside, enabling it to be fastened securely to any hard straight-edged surface. Sealed in a durable, puncture-resistant thermoformed skin, its 1/2"-thick inner Blue Diamond Gel will not ooze, leak, or evaporate. For hygienic purposes, AliEdge Gel wipes clean easily, in addition to being anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. For more details about AliEdge Gel, please contact Rob Weiner at 800-225-2610, ext. 486. To acquire a photograph for publication, email Sean Casey at or call 880-225-2610, ext. 164. To receive future press releases via email, please send your request to with your contact information and "Email Response" in the subject line. ABOUT ALIMED Since its inception in the early 1970's, AliMed®inc. has grown to become a leading manufacturer and distributor of patient care, rehabilitation, and ergonomic products. AliMed is a customer-service oriented company committed to promoting health and wellness by providing high quality, health-related supplies in a cost-effective manner. Through a combination of proprietary branded products and partnerships with more than 400 suppliers, AliMed now distributes more than 30,000 products to healthcare facilities and businesses worldwide. A comprehensive selection of AliMed products is available online at

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