Current Transducers are intended for all industrial applications.

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Featuring double core technology, WKO-2C series ensures current measurement accuracy of better than 0.5% across entire DC to 120 kHz range. These closed loop current transducers, rated from -40 to +85°C, employ hall effect elements with extended frequency response up to 120 kHz and accurate phase response. Hall effect sensor is integrated into core instead of air gap, and 2 cores are joined together. Compensation effect of 2 cores reduces interference from external magnetic fields.

Original Press Release:

REO-USA Introduces Next Generation of Current Transducers for All Industrial Applications

INDIANAPOLIS– After developing highly successful technology used specifically for railway engineering, REO-USA is now introducing a new generation of closed loop current transducers.

The WKO-2C series is designed for use in all industrial applications and assures improved current measurement accuracy of better than 0.5% in the whole frequency range of DC to 120 kHz. It can be used in various applications such as variable frequency drives, servo motor drives, uninterruptable power supplies, and all types of switched mode power supplies and power supplies for welding applications, to name a few.

“What we learned from our first series was implemented to develop the WKO-2C series for a wide range of applications. Our patented double core technology is a tremendous benefit. It has outstanding accuracy and frequency response and is more affordable than what was initially developed in the WKO-2C-B series,” remarked Alex Ward, Technical Sales Engineer for REOUSA. “Similar technology is available in the marketplace, but none offers higher accuracy than our double core technology.”

The WKO-2C series from REO-USA employs the latest hall effect elements, with an extended frequency response up to 120kHz and highly accurate phase response. The hall effect sensor is integrated into the core instead of the air gap like previous designs. Two cores are joined together, and the compensation effect of the two cores reduces interference from external magnetic fields. These attributes substantially improve accuracy and frequency response.

Ward said that a typical hall effect single core sensor works well for lower frequencies, but as frequencies increase and in-turn response errors increase as well, the double core technology really shines.

“The double core technology significantly reduces errors throughout the entire frequency range,” concluded Ward. “This allows users to be confident in the measured values and more effectively monitor their overall system performance.”

WKO-2C series units offer an electronics package with superior drift compensation and an extended temperature range from -40° C to 85° C. All materials are manufactured using UL listed materials, and modular plates provide universal mounting options. For more information visit, or call (317) 899-1395 to speak with a REO-USA representative.

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