Current Sensing Resistors suit high thermal cycle applications.

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Series SL and TSL surface mount resistors consist of resistive element attached to copper leadframe and embedded in liquid crystal polymer mold. Thermal expansion and shrinkage are absorbed due to metal plate element. SL1 and TSL units have power rating of 1 W with max working voltage of 200 V and max overload voltage of 400 V. SL2 models offer power rating of 2 W with max working voltage of 500 V and max overload voltage of 1,000 V. Max TCR rating for all models is ±180 ppm/°C or ±100 ppm/°C.

Original Press Release:

Current Sensing Resistor Ideal for High Thermal-Cycle Applications

Bradford, PA - November 22, 2002 - KOA Speer Electronics introduces its new line of high power, surface mount, molded resistors for high thermal-cycle applications. Originally designed for use as current sensing components, these resistors have proven very effective as high power (1- and 2-watt) surface mount resistors. The construction of the series SL and TSL resistors consists of a resistive element attached to a copper leadframne and embedded in a liquid crystal polymer (epoxy) mold. This unique design allows for low resistance values and a closer match in temperature coefficient of expansion to the substrate when compared to traditional thick film resistors constructed with ceramic substrate. Thermal expansion and shrinkage are easily absorbed due to the metal plate element. Series SL and TSL resistors also feature excellent dimension accuracy, mountability and shock resistance.

The SL1 and TSL series resistors have a power rating of 1W with a TCR (max.) of ±180 ppm/°C (R<=13mOhm) or ±100 ppm/°C (R>= 15mOhm). The absolute maximum working voltage is 200V and the absolute maximum overload voltage is 400V. The SL2 series resistor has a power rating of 2W and a TCR (max.) rating of ±180 ppm/°C (R<=10mOhm) or ±100 ppm/°C (R>=11mOhm). This series' absolute maximum working voltage is 500V and the absolute maximum overload voltage is 1000V. Resistance tolerances include ±1% and ±5% with resistances of 5mOhm to 22MOhm (dependent upon which component is selected). The standard operating temperature
range for all resistors in the SL and TSL series is -55°C to + 180°C. KOA Speer SL and TSL series resistors are flameproof and are suitable for flow, reflow and hand soldering.

KOA Speer Electronics is a QS 9000, ISO 9002 certified company that has been serving the electronics industry since 1980. An affiliate of KOA Corporation of Japan, KOA Speer is a leading supplier of surface mount and thru-hole resistors, capacitors, circuit protection devices, inductors, resistor networks, integrated passive components, and EMI/EMC filtering components. These products are distributed primarily to the North American market for applications including automotive, telecommunications, computer and instrumentation.

For more information, contact Dawn McGriff, KOA Speer Electronics, Inc., Bolivar Drive, P.O. Box 547, Bradford, PA, 16701. Phone: 814-362-5536, ext. 266. Fax: 814-362-8883. Web site:

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