Current Feedback Op Amps suit video applications.

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Supplied in SO-14 packages, PS13000 Series comprises quad-configuration devices with 4 identical amplifiers on single chip. Model PS13004 features small-signal bandwidth of 280 MHz and slew rate of 1,100 V/µs with ability to drive 65 mA outputs while requiring 3.3 mA of static supply current. Optimized for higher bandwidth of 450 MHz and 1,500 V/µs slew rate, Model PS13014 drives 65 mA outputs with static supply current of 5.2 mA. Both exhibit gain flatness to within ±0.1 dB.

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Plessey Semiconductors Releases PS13000 Series Operational Amplifiers

Plymouth, ENGLAND - Plessey Semiconductors today announced the availability of samples of its PS13000 series current feedback operational amplifiers. The first parts to be offered are quad-configuration devices, with four identical amplifiers on a single chip, supplied in 14-pin small outline, miniature plastic packages (SO-14).

The PS13004 combines high-performance with low power operation, featuring a small-signal bandwidth of 280MHz and slew rate of 1100V/µs with the ability to drive 65mA outputs and yet only requiring 3.3mA of static supply current. By comparison, the PS13014 is optimised for a higher bandwidth of 450MHz and 1500V/µs slew rate. It is also capable of driving 65mA outputs but the additional performance does incur the slightly higher static supply current of 5.2mA. Both devices exhibit excellent gain flatness to within ±0.1dB; 60MHz for the PS13004 and 120MHz for the PS13014.

Dr Keith Strickland, Technology Director at Plessey Semiconductors, said, "These features and performance add up to devices that are ideally suited to video applications where signals must be driven over significant cable lengths. Our op amps have a superior specification and the matching between amplifiers enables the implementation of high-order active filters or twisted pair driver/receivers. The integration of four amplifiers in a single package is also proving to be attractive and cost-effective for less demanding applications at audio frequencies."

The PS13004 and PS13014 are offered in 14-pin small outline (SO) packages. Samples are available now. The devices are supported by comprehensive datasheets and evaluation boards.

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