CTI Picked by Midrex for World’s Largest Hot Briquetted Iron Plant

Coastal Technologies, Inc., CTI, a leading global supplier of mist eliminators and separators, has received an order from Midrex Technologies, Inc. for key mist separation equipment to precede process gas compressors for the World’s largest HBI (Hot Briquetted Iron) plant in Corpus Christie, Texas USA. The two million ton per year plant, voestalpine Texas LLC, will reduce iron ore through the MIDREX® Process. It is scheduled for start-up in 2015 and operates using natural gas as the fuel and reductant for the process.

The separation equipment supplied by CTI is a three-stage system designed for extremely high efficiency to protect the compressors and permit long term operation with minimum fouling and maintenance. The separation equipment consists of, stage one, an AIROL® multi-vane inlet diffuser followed by AIROL®130H-1-750 chevron mist eliminators. The third and final stage is a high efficiency mesh mist eliminator capable of removing 99.8% of droplets 5 microns and larger.

Midrex’s Project Procurement Manager, Mr. David Ahwesh stated, “We have a very strong supplier network and COASTAL TECHNOLOGIES is one of the companies in this select group. The voestalpine Texas project is the largest in the world and requires an unprecedented scale of proven parts that must come together in a well-organized fashion.” CTI has previously supplied Midrex Technologies with separation equipment for select customers in India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Qatar, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan and Egypt.

CTI is a leader in the process industries offering state-of-the-art mist elimination and separation technology uniquely designed to Customer specifications and process production goals. “We have designed and manufactured proven high quality mist eliminators for industrial process and power applications for over 29 years. Today, that alone is no longer enough,” indicates Norman Mansson, VP CTI. “We must also deliver complex, technically challenging supply solutions that often require a large number of elements to mesh together synchronously to optimize equipment production efficiency. Also, by working closely with our customers in the early design stages, integration of the largest framed mist eliminator assemblies possible within our customer’s vessels during the vessel fabrication process thus maximizing production capacity and efficiency. And finally, because our customer’s work may be located world-wide, there are often logistical challenges.”

In addition to the primary metals industry, CTI is active in chemical, pharma, food related evaporation and crystallizer applications, geothermal steam separation/scrubbing, and marine applications.

Your company can gain the benefits of our results driven performance and savings in energy, steam, chemicals or water.

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About Midrex Technologies, Inc.:

Midrex Technologies, Inc. is an international process engineering and technology company providing steelmakers with commercially proven solutions for greater profitability and has been the leading innovator and technology supplier for the direct reduction of iron ore for more than 40 years. The company offers eco-friendly technologies for ironmaking that provide high productivity, outstanding product quality, and cost competitiveness. Midrex has built its foundation upon the MIDREX® Direct Reduction Process that converts iron ore into high-purity direct reduced iron (DRI) for use in steelmaking, ironmaking, and foundry applications. Each year, MIDREX® Plants produce about 60 percent of the world's DRI.

For more information visit www.midrex.com.

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