CS Unitec's Model 5 6005 0010 Air Reciprocating Saw

CS Unitec's versatile reciprocating saw, The Wolf, makes straight cuts in steel and has a long orbital stroke for cutting softer materials including wood, plastic and aluminum. A selector switch easily changes the stroke setting to either straight or orbital. Model 5 6005 0010 is designed with a powerful 1.6 HP pneumatic motor for cutting steel pipe and channel from 1/2" up to 6" diameter and plastic pipe up to 8" diameter. It has a 1-1/8" blade stroke for fast, efficient cutting and variable speed from 0-2200 strokes per minute.

The Wolf has the capability to mount on an optional Pipe Clamp to make 90 degree cuts. Use of a clamp with the saw increases leverage five times over hand cutting and is also safer for the operator. The saw uses universal 1/2" shank, single-tang reciprocating saw blades, as well as thicker, heavy-duty, double-tang blades for 90° cuts. Saw blades are available with a variety of TPI and lengths from 6" to 12".

Model 5 6005 0010 uses 51 CFM air volume at 90 PSI air pressure and weighs 10-3/4 lbs. The saw has a molded rubber boot for an ergonomic grip and is supplied with a side handle.   

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