Cryogenic Processing Service improves durability of parts.

Press Release Summary:

Cryogenic processing by Circle City Cryogenics improves wear resistance, toughness, and strength of materials and parts, helping to lengthen wear life, increase productivity, and improve dimensional stability. In addition to cutting tools, bearings, axle shafts, and gun/pistol barrels, parts suitable for cryogenic processing include brake drums and rotors, racing engines, and ring and pinion sets as well as gears, crankshafts, and push rods.

Original Press Release:

Cryogenic Processing Service Improves Wear Resistance and Durability

Cryogenic processing by Circle City Cryogenics significantly improves wear resistance, toughness and strength of materials and parts, resulting in dramatically longer wear life, lower operating and maintenance costs, increased productivity and improved dimensional stability. Ideal parts for cryogenic processing include:

• Brake Drums and Brake Rotors

• Racing Engines

• Ring and Pinion Sets

• Gears, Crankshafts and Push Rods

• Cutting Tools (Knives, Blades, Drill Bits and Dies)

• Bearings and Axle Shafts

• Gun and Pistol Barrels

• And Many Others


“I knew that some in the racing industry were using cryogenically treated parts to dramatically reduce wear and increase the durability of the different metals we use. The results have been phenomenal! They have helped keep our parts from breaking and give us a performance edge with their leading technology, especially in critical areas. Once businesses learn about Cryogenics, they will see how much they can save on equipment costs and improve productivity.” Jeff Grey, Don Schumacher Racing

“I didn’t know anything about Cryogenics until I met Brian, but we now use their process on any metal part or gear we can. The results have been amazing!” Ernie Gomez, Acetylene Plant Manager, Indiana Oxygen Co.

“The Indianapolis Fire Department implemented the use of Cryogenics in the treatment of their brake rotors and drums on their fire trucks and continue to treat their brake components to this day. This improvement equated to thousands of dollars saved in brake repairs annually. The implementation of the use of Cryogenics is a “No Brainer”, the results are truly amazing! If you have a fleet of vehicles, a machine shop, or the need to increase the longevity of your equipment and save thousands of dollars, this is your answer.” Dudley Taylor, Battalion Chief, Indianapolis Fire Department

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